Door & Window Business
Feb. 25, 2015

New video from Consumer Reports about finding an installer
Consumer Reports
Even the best windows won't deliver the look or comfort you expect if they're installed poorly. Many major window manufacturers train and certify installers for their specific products. Using the same contractor for purchase and installation can minimize the chances of problems arising later. Look online for certification from the American Window and Door Institute. Check out their new video. More

Building a website that converts
By Randall Craig
Have you ever considered what makes an effective website? You might think that it is great design, easy-to-find information and intuitive functionality. These may have made the list in 2002 — or even 2012 — but certainly not today. Many marketers now understand where the website fits into the mix. It is the hub to which every initiative (social media, advertising, media relations, direct mail, etc.) drives. When the user arrives at the site, they experience great design, easy-to-find information and intuitive functionality. Then nothing happens.More

Both parties want to make business tax breaks permanent. Here's why they won't
The Washington Post
It has become an annual tradition, right up there with popping champagne and Auld Lang Syne. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, a number of temporary small-business tax breaks disappear every year, only to be retroactively restored months later. In the meantime, many employers are left in a state of levy limbo. Many in Congress are ready to put an end to that tradition — but even with broad bipartisan agreement, hurdles remain.More

A look at OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program
Safety + Health
OSHA has finite resources, and it would take decades for the agency to visit every employer in the country to ensure workers are being protected. OSHA officials often have said that most employers are doing their best to keep workers safe. Yet employers who actively ignore safety regulations and put employees in danger are out there, and OSHA is charged with holding such "bad actors" accountable.More

Who knew doors could be so crazy beautiful?
The Huffington Post
When was the last time you stopped and acknowledged the shape of a door? What about its color and texture? Its weight and its force? Though we hardly go a single day without walking through a door of some kind, we're certainly guilty of overlooking their formal qualities, treating them solely as symbols of transition instead of architectural objects in their own right. More

The credit-card survival kit your small business needs (infographic)
Although small in size, a credit card can have a huge impact on a small business. Yet, with so many companies offering business card options, it can be difficult to figure out what to look for and which one is best. Thankfully, an infographic put together by makes it easier to distinguish the differences between the available choices. More

Poll: Strong jobs market to spur US housing in 2015
U.S. housing is set to gain steam this year as a strengthening jobs market offsets the drag from an expected increase in mortgage rates, a Reuters poll showed recently. Housing activity has been sluggish since hitting a speed bump in the second half of 2013, with sales constrained by tight inventories and higher prices sidelining first-time buyers. More