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Mar. 4, 2015

NAWIC observes Women in Construction Week, March 1-7
The National Association of Women in Construction will celebrate Women in Construction Week March 1-7. NAWIC's mission is to enhance the success of women in the construction industry. The focus of WIC Week is to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry. It is also a time for local chapters to give back to their communities. More

Charitable planning: How to donate and get tax breaks for giving
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Carole Foos, CPA
The will to give is strong in many people, including contractors. As a society, we cherish the right to give to the charitable institutions of our choice. The will to give is what we refer to as "charitable intent." We want to give. Often, the biggest hurdles to giving are that we do not know how to give or we assume that our family will suffer as a result of our giving. Our goal here in this article, is to show you a few ways to make such gifts in a tax-savvy manner.More

Pending legislation could have major impact on construction contractors
For Construction Pros
Florida, Colorado, Washington and Arizona all have legislation in the works to downsize construction-defects laws, which allow homeowners and homeowner associations to sue builder for construction defects even years after the home is completed and sold. More

5 things to know about filing tax extensions for business
Small Business Trends
As the tax filing deadline for returns draws near, there's really no reason to panic. You can easily obtain more time to file. For the record, this year's deadlines are March 16 for calendar year corporations. That includes C- and S- corporations. The deadline to file is April 15 for all other companies. But again, if you're hearing the clock ticking in your head and don't think you can beat it, there are ways to get some more time. Here are some pointers on filing tax extensions for business. More

Construction optimism quotient hits record high for 2015
Construction Equipment
Construction contractors and equipment distributors have continued optimism about local, nonresidential construction activity in 2015 and expect a strong rental market and increasing equipment acquisitions, according to a survey from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. More

Energy-efficient technology for homebuilders
How energy efficient are the homes you are building? The U.S. Energy Information Administration has an interesting take on this. The U.S. EIA reports that although the average size of new homes has become larger in terms of square-footage, homes in the U.S. have become more energy efficient during the past few decades. This is in part due to the increasing availability and adoption of energy-efficient technologies.More

Technology can make the cash flow for material suppliers
By Nate Budde
Material suppliers are in a difficult place in the construction payment landscape. Compliance with lien and bond claim requirements in order to gain the protection of security is difficult and full of challenges, and the financial risk is high. Because material suppliers are at the bottom of the payment chain in the vast majority of construction projects, there are many potential places for money to get stuck.More