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Apr. 1, 2015

Preparing for an OSHA inspection
Safety + Health
Federal and state agencies conduct nearly 100,000 inspections every year, making the odds of your work site being inspected fairly low. But just as safety professionals need to ensure a work site is prepared to identify and abate even the rarest of safety hazards, employers always should be ready for the possibility of an OSHA inspection.More

Repurposing garage doors into stunning walls with a view
Port Huron Times Herald
Have you ever admired a coffee table cleverly fabricated using a discarded door sitting on a frame? Or been surprised by the sight of an old refrigerator reborn as a bookshelf or TV cabinet? A growing number of homeowners are taking utilitarian elements and transforming them into stunning home designs. Even the venerable garage door is experiencing new life as interior room dividers, exterior walls and other purposes yet to be discovered.More

8 reasons why the US housing market comeback is far from over
Business Insider
The recent pending home sales report hugely beat expectations, with pending sales rising 3.1 percent in February. This was much stronger than the 0.3 percent gain forecast by economists. Furthermore, it's just one more piece of evidence that the housing market's upswing is far from over. Deutsche Bank chief international economist Torsten Sløk circulated a chartbook detailing his outlook on the economy. One of the big areas he focused on was the US housing market. Sløk notes several promising indicators that could lead to a housing takeoff over the next few months and years. More

States where construction is growing, struggling years after recession
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. via For Construction Pros
A state-by-state breakdown and analysis by Associated Builders and Contractors has found both pockets of strength and continued weakness across the country. The analysis includes an annual breakdown of construction's contribution to each state's gross domestic product in addition to monthly updates on state-level construction unemployment.More

5 worst offenders that drive visitors away from your website
You jumped on the digital bandwagon and created a website for your business and created a profile on every social platform known to man, yet your business is not attracting more customers. Does this scenario sound familiar? There's a big chance that it's not your brand that's the problem, but the way you present it online. Your website could need a facelift.More

How to maximize small business tax deductions
CPA Practice Advisor
Tax season: the time of year when we all sit down to figure out how much we owe and what we can deduct. According to the Q1 2015 Spark Business Barometer from Capital One, 55 percent of small business owners are very confident they are taking advantage of small business tax deductions, but what about the other 45 percent?More

Should your business be on Snapchat?
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Since Snapchat announced their new Discover feature that highlights brands, the number of businesses and media moguls joining the app seems to have skyrocketed. And it makes sense. If your brand is thinking about using Snapchat, you need to create an account right now to be seen a thought leader. Wait any longer, and you'll be just another follower joining the game too late. But before you add another social media platform to your marketing arsenal, make sure it's worth your time. Take this short quiz to find out.More