Door & Window Business
Apr. 15, 2015

EPA's Administrator signed a final rule to extend certifications for certain individual renovators
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Recently, EPA's Administrator signed a final rule to extend certifications for certain individual renovators (those who received initial certification prior to March 31, 2011) under the RRP Program. Please be aware that the extensions only apply to individual renovators who must get recertification training within the timeframes explained below. They do not apply to firm certifications or individual renovators that need their initial certification.More

Buyers want energy efficient windows and homes
Green Building Elements
The National Association of Home Builders says a recent survey of prospective homebuyers shows energy-efficient homes are what they want most. Almost 84 percent of the people who responded to the survey said energy-efficient windows, Energy Star rated appliances and programmable thermostats are high on the list of features they want in a new home. Others went further, saying they are looking for energy, water, and resource efficiency in a new home, together with improved indoor environmental quality from sustainable and locally sourced products.More

US construction spending falls for 2nd straight month
U.S. construction spending unexpectedly fell in February and the prior month's outlays were revised to show a steeper decline than previously estimated, which could see economists further mark down their first-quarter growth forecasts. More

Follow the program to work less, earn more
By Fred Berns
Working fewer hours and making more money isn't a pipe dream. It's a program. It's a program followed by many of the most financially successful small business professionals. These individuals are based worldwide. Their products and services vary. So do their expertise and experience levels. And they run their businesses in a wide variety of ways. Though most aren't aware of it, they have one thing in common: They all follow the "program" of working less and earning more.More

3 fears that keep your business from growth
Every time we turn on the news, we hear another story of business failure. We understand how the economy is recovering, and it's eating businesses for breakfast. Entrepreneurs look at those stories and shrug it out. We can look around and see more opportunity than any time in history. The Internet alone has given access to 2.5 billion leads that are online every day. That’s not to say we’ll reach all of them, but the opportunity is mind-blogging. More

4 steps to creating a killer marketing plan today
Small Business Trends
Marketing is one of the most critical components of your business' success. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if customers are not aware it exists, there's no point in continuing the line of work. In order to make sure your product is exposed to your target customers, you need to develop a robust, killer marketing plan. Once you've spent time identifying the four P's, start adding some elements and details to your strategy. Let's look at the areas you should focus on when developing your marketing plan.More

Don't let desperation drive your decisions
By Anne Rose
You're short-handed and desperately need to hire another employee, so you hire the first breathing person that mails in a job application. Or maybe your bank account is desperately low and you need a client fast, so you accept the first prospective customer who calls on the phone. We've all been in those situations and know the fear and panic that can set in. But when desperation drives an impetuous decision, it seldom solves your initial problem and usually adds more problems. The wrong person is worse than no person. More