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May. 13, 2015

Garage door designs may increase home values
Garage doors are becoming more important as more people use them to enter homes. Garage doors rapidly are becoming one of the first home features a person sees when driving through a neighborhood. The change for Americans from primarily entering a home through the front door to using a more convenient keyless garage door entry has increased the demand for new, vibrant design options.More

Number of unemployed construction workers drops to 14-year low
Associated General Contractors of America via For Construction Pros
Construction firms added 45,000 jobs in April and 280,000 over 12 months, as the sector's unemployment rate fell to a nine-year April low of 7.5 percent, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials noted that even as the industry continues to expand, growth has been erratic and inconsistent.More

Housing market continues its gradual recovery
Realty Biz News
According to the National Association of Home Builders, markets in 68 out of approximately 360 metro areas throughout the country returned to or even exceeded their last normal levels of economic and housing activity during the first quarter of this year. More

How to find potential employees to see if they fit the job
For Construction Pros
There is a lot of risk involved when adding a new employee. That's why construction contractors should always interview for fit. Interviewing for fit means interviewing to make sure the person you might hire fits the current position you are trying to fill and not worrying about how that person may do in a higher position further down the road.More

7 ways to do your business more harm than good
Small Business Trends
Every business owner works hard daily to help their company. Unfortunately, there are many actions they take that do more harm than good. Here are the top seven and what to do about them.More

Why so many small businesses don't spend enough on marketing
The Huffington Post
It's a common problem; small businesses don't have as much revenue or capital as they'd like to have, so they're forced to make cuts and avoid investing in things they feel they don't need. And all too often, marketing and advertising dollars are the first to go. Why is this? More

Should you file a mechanics lien claim? 3 things to consider
By Scott Wolfe
Those who furnish labor or materials to a construction project have the right to file a mechanics lien claim in the event of nonpayment. This is a remedy first established in America by founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and it has persisted throughout the nation's history with laws in every state. Those unpaid on a construction project, therefore, may find themselves contemplating the use of the mechanics lien remedy. This article will explore some things to consider when deciding whether or not to use this remedy. More