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May. 21, 2014

Latest PPI shows flat glass prices up 1.7 percent
Door & Window Magazine
Flat glass prices saw a 1.7 percent increase from March to April, according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) Report from the U.S. Department of Labor. The flat glass index was listed at 120.8 for April, compared with 118.8 for March. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the PPI is "a constant quality fixed-input output price index" that "measures monthly price change in the economy by following the prices of a representative sample of items each month."More

Angie's List: Front door renovations
Improving your home's curb appeal is a smart investment. In this Angie's List report, there' s more on how upgrading your aging front door can help you reduce your energy bills and increase your home's value. "Replacing your front door can be a great investment in curb appeal and energy efficiency. For example, replacing an old door with a steel door can give you as much as 125 percent return on your investment," said Angie Hicks of Angie's List.More

Aluminium windows and doors are experiencing a renaissance
Specification Online
Aluminium frame systems are experiencing a boom in sales as a result of high performance without any compromise on aesthetics, according to Reynaers at Home Head Hugh Moss. Architects have long-recognized that aluminium is a very stable material that minimizes expansion and contraction with changes in the ambient temperature. More

How to strengthen your social media content marketing strategy
Small Business Trends
Setting up a Twitter account or a Facebook page is an easy task. However, fostering authentic conversation with a community through those networks without the right social media content marketing strategy – is not. Content runs the social Web. It is what gives your brand something to talk about with your customers, current and prospective. The evolution of content marketing has opened more avenues to reach your targeted audience. More

Why you want new windows and doors
Durham Region
If you are feeling a nice breeze through your windows or doors, even when they are closed, it's time for new ones. There are a variety of reasons why you and your home will benefit from new windows and doors, but probably the most important is improved energy efficiency. More

Selecting a garage door for a higher return
Deseret News
For the past few weeks, Deseret News has been discussing the top individual remodeling projects that yield the highest return on investment as rated by Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2013-2014. We've talked about front doors, wooden decks and attic bedroom additions. In this article we will be discussing garage door selection.More

Tru Tech Doors enters South American market
Window & Door
Tru Tech Doors, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, recently announced a strategic distribution agreement with Weston Wood Solutions of Mississauga, Ontario, to provide pre-hung entry systems and door products to the South American market. Under the agreement, Tru Tech Doors has shared energy efficient fabrication and manufacturing techniques with Weston Wood Solutions, which recently established a door pre-hanging facility in Santiago, Chile. More

5 tips to keep customers engaged with your email marketing
Brands are constantly looking for ways to better engage with consumers, but it may come as a surprise to learn that we already know a great tool for continuing conversations – email. In fact, 44 percent of business to community marketers planned to increase their email marketing budget this year. Brands that continue to offer value and remind consumers why they subscribed in the first place will go far to win customers' loyalty and secure a great return on their investments. More

Why cleaning your windows is a good investment
Charlotte Observer
Don’t let dirty windows obscure your view of nature in its full spring glory. Whether you do the job yourself or hire an experienced pro, cleaning your windows is an investment that pays off immediately. In this article are expert DIY tips for making your windows look their best.More

New energy efficient windows create heat damage
New energy efficient windows are designed to keep the heat out in the summer and the heat inside during the winter, but they appear to be having an undesirable effect — burning objects in their magnified path. It was a hot summer day in 2012 when Colleen Daub first noticed something was very wrong with the vinyl siding on her Woodstock home. More