Door & Window Business
May. 28, 2014

US demand for windows and doors to reach $31.9 billion in 2018
The Freedonia Group via Glass on Web
Demand for windows and doors in the U.S. is projected to advance 6.9 percent per year through 2018 to $31.9 billion. A rebound in housing completions and building construction expenditures will drive gains as demand recovers from the steep declines of the 2008-2013 period. "Growing consumer preferences for higher end products such as triple glazed windows and insulated entry doors will also boost demand," added analyst Mariel Behnke.More

Turning data into dollars: Use these 5 sales techniques to net more jobs
Door & Window Market Magazine
The biggest challenge for remodeling companies, including door and window dealers, is lead generation. In a recent webinar, "Turning Data into Dollars," offered by Tim Musch, director of business for MarketSharp, 75 percent of remodelers said consistent lead generation was a top concern. So how can door and window dealers and remodelers begin to tackle these challenges?More

Smart windows startup using NREL patents
Clean Technica
Smart windows have been slow to grab a foothold in the construction and energy efficiency industry. The recent development of electrochromic windows, often called "smart windows," promise to make a big impact on building heating and cooling costs. They are "smart" because they can be programmed to absorb and reflect a different amount of light throughout the day in order to cool or warm up a room. Thus far, smart windows have been prohibitively expensive and only available in new construction projects or even more expensive retrofit projects. A new company, based in Boulder, Colorado, and partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has big plans to change that.More

Why you need a social media policy — and how to get started
By Liz Murphy
Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for companies to make headlines for embarrassing social media blunders — ranging from inappropriately capitalizing on national tragedies to poorly-timed messaging. But public "fails" on official social media channels are not the only challenges organizations face in today's fast-paced world of technological innovation. As real-time social networking continues to gain traction, employees are now facing disciplinary actions for tweets, posts and photos made on personal accounts.More

Front doors to adore
Akron Beacon Journal via Leader-Telegram
A front door is your home's chance to make a good first impression. Help yours say "welcome" with these ideas for giving your front entry a makeover for spring. After a while, we all stop noticing the little flaws in our homes. So it's a good idea to start by taking a good, hard look at your front door's condition, said Sharon Kreighbaum, owner of Staged Makeovers, an interior design company in Hudson, Ohio.More

Window film could improve performance of window glass in home, business
University of Missouri Extension via Christian County Headliner
The site orientation of a home and its windows is a significant issue in solar performance and contributes to both heat gain and loss according to Jeff Barber, an architect and housing specialist with University of Missouri Extension. In some cases, adding a window film to windows can add thermal value in the winter and provide significant protection from solar heat in the summer. More

Home remodeling trumps moving in current market
Supply House Times
With the exception of millennials, the majority of U.S. homeowners (66 percent) who are remodeling plan to stay in their home for the long term, according to the third annual Houzz & Home survey. Fifty-three percent of U.S. homeowners say they are remodeling to increase the resale value of their home, but have no plans to move in the next five years, and 16 percent plan to sell their home in the next two years. More

Check windows before start of 2014 hurricane season
PRWeb via Insurance News Net
Will it be Arthur, Bertha or Cristobal that makes a new name for itself during the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season? Following a spring of severe weather outbreaks across the country, experts at Simonton Windows advise people to evaluate the windows in their homes and businesses as part National Hurricane Preparedness Week.More