Door & Window Business
Jun. 4, 2014

Power windows 2.0
Electronic Engineering Journal
We're going to talk about programming windows. No, I mean it. Literally, windows. As in, the glass outside your building. Think it's nuts? Then you haven't met the people at View, Incorporated, the Silicon Valley–based company that makes "smart glass." This isn't the glass for your smartphone or tablet. It's window glass, like you'd use for an office building, hospital or hotel. We're talking big sheets of glass — as much as 50 square feet. And they're programmable.More

Vinyl industry takes on LEED v4 in Washington
Door & Window Market Magazine
The Vinyl Institute "Fly In" might better have been described as a "swarm in" with nearly 70 constituents from across the U.S. making the trip to Washington to make a case for "Fairness and Competition." The material biases included in the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design v4 continue to be a hot topic with stakeholders from the door and window, piping, roofing, flooring and wall coverings industries all united to defend the $54.5 billion vinyl industry and support more than 350,000 manufacturing jobs.More

3 questions on minimum wage for International Franchise Association spokesman
Puget Sound Business Journal
Seattle City Council members, acting as a minimum wage committee, voted to send Mayor Ed Murray's plan to a full council vote. They added a few amendments, but nothing to relieve franchise owners who say they should have more time to phase-in a higher wage. Businesses with less than 500 employees would have seven years to work up to $15 an hour. Large businesses — and franchises, regardless of employee count — would have three. Matthew Haller is a spokesman for the International Franchise Association, a Washington, D.C.-based organization which sent a letter to council members in opposition to this part of the plan. Here's what people should know about franchises.More

J-channel window lawsuit staying in Tennessee
Plastics News
A patent infringement lawsuit involving J-Channel window frame technology will not be moving to U.S. District Court in New York, where a couple of big-name defendants had wanted to transfer the case. More

European window and door segment grows in US to meet performance demands
New England Real Estate Journal
In the U.S., the demand for high performance windows and doors is growing rapidly. Energy codes, performance requirements, coastal impact zones, insurance requirements are driving adaptation and innovation among window manufacturers. As domestic window brands are racing to meet these demands, a greater and greater number of imported windows are entering the market with very technologically advanced, high performance windows. As owners are looking towards more efficient building envelopes, these windows are increasingly being specified for the greater performance demands. More

New market research report on US windows and doors industry via AZOBuild
This comprehensive study examines the US window and door industry by material, product, market, and geographic region. Products include windows, doors, and such other items as frames, sashes, curtain wall, storm windows and doors, window and door screens, and security grilles. More

How to make your windows bird-proof
Global Animal
Millions of birds die every year because of accidental collisions with glass doors and windows. Thankfully there are many ways of safeguarding birds from such tragedy, such as window alerts. Many have also found interest in a new product called the My Spy Birdhouse. Find out more on this innovative birdhouse and other tips on how to make your windows bird-proof. More

New England-style windows
Windows can change the entire look of your house. One Vermont company is hoping to change your view of the way a window should look with their products that are Made in Vermont. With the warm weather here many people are finally opening up their windows and bringing the outside in. But one Rutland company says that the view from the outside matters just as much. "It could be the most important feature," said Andy Keeffe from Green Mountain Window and Door Company.More

Plastic windows and doors to steal more of wood's market share
Woodworking Network
A new report projects that plastic windows and doors will continue to increase market share at the expense of wood and metal. Plastic products, already popular in the residential market, are anticipated to see growing use in light commercial and institutional applications. Efforts by manufacturers to improve the variety of colors and woodgrain textures available on plastic windows and doors or to expand into markets such as specialty windows and impact resistant products will also support increased demand for plastic products.More

New Energy's see-through SolarWindow estimated to generate energy, environmental benefits
BusinessWire via Virtual-Strategy Magazine
New Energy Technologies, developer of see-through SolarWindow coatings, released first-ever power modeling estimates of its SolarWindow prototype modules. Engineers estimate that SolarWindow modules could conservatively produce at least ten times the electrical energy of conventional rooftop photovoltaic systems, and in some instances, exceed power performance by as much as 50-fold.More