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Jun. 11, 2014

How long do RRP Firm and Renovator Certifications last?
To maintain their certification, individual renovators and firms must be re-certified by EPA every five years. A firm must submit to EPA a completed "Application for Firms," signed by an authorized agent of the firm, and pay the correct amount of fees. Individual renovators must successfully complete a refresher training course provided by an accredited training provider.

That is a direct quote from the EPA's Compliance Guide (Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right: EPA's Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program: September 2011 (PDF)) and the need to re-certify probably has slipped the minds of the thousands of Certified Firms and Certified Renovators for RRP. June 2015 seems to be far away, but as most of us remember the mad rush to complete training, it's never too early to get prepared.More

Approaches for selling exterior doors
For Residential Pros
The first step to successfully selling an exterior door is simple: pay attention. When walking up to a house, a sales person should pay attention to what the home's exterior door need is, says J.D. Diskin, chief sales officer of Chester, Pa.-based Power Home Remodeling Group. More

Solar powered skylights bring daylight and fresh air into the home for less
Digital Journal
Daylight and fresh air aren't really all that costly. But getting these enjoyable and healthy attributes into our homes effectively and efficiently may not be as simple as it may seem. Opening vertical windows and using mechanical ventilation, such as fans, is one solution. Another is using quiet and free passive ventilation from the chimney effect provided by venting skylights working with those windows. That, and the abundant daylighting available through skylights, makes them attractive functionally in addition to the design elements and other advantages they bring to a home.More

South Carolina may give you $5,000 to upgrade your roof or windows
The Post and Courier
The state program, SC Safe Home, is meant to encourage people to retrofit their homes to make them more resistant to hurricane damage. Created in 2007 in a package of insurance-related reforms, it's funded by one percent of the money the state collects each year from a tax on insurance premiums, plus the tax on Wind Pool policies, which together add up to about $2 million annually. More

Ace Hardware ranks highest in customer satisfaction among home improvement retailers
J.D. Power
While staff and service remains the most influential factor in satisfaction once customers are at a home improvement retail store, price is what drives customers to a retailer in the first place, according to the J.D. Power 2014 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study. For an eighth consecutive year, Ace Hardware ranks highest in satisfying home improvement retail store customers. Ace Hardware achieves a score of 791 and performs particularly well in the staff and service factor. Menards ranks second with a score of 787 and performs particularly well in the price and sales and promotions factors.More

Reilly opens windows and doors for woodworkers
Woodworking Network
Reilly Windows & Doors is currently seeking entry-level and master carpenters to join its team of custom window and door fabricators and installers. As a member of the Reilly team, carpenters will be responsible for cutting, gluing, screwing, caulking and assembling door and window units. Candidates must also be able to prioritize safety, use basic tools, lift more than 85 pounds, and keep work areas organized.More

The façade as crucial element
Boehme via Glass on Web
Façade — the term derives from Latin and means face. This is not the only reason why a design should not only be practical but cater to architectural demands as well. An executing architect sees the choice of façade as crucial design element and will be reluctant to give up his decisional power. But which criteria influence the decision about the choice of a certain product or producer? More

Coaxing a history from board and beam
The New York Times
The flourish that most delights Henry Petroski about his handmade house in Maine is the way its builder "eased" the edges of the boards that form the cabinets, lintels, doors and door bracings. These subtle details were among the clues that set Petroski on a quest to learn about the man who employed them. More