Door & Window Business
Jun. 25, 2014

North Carolina adopts emergency rule regarding low-E requirements
Door & Window Magazine
The North Carolina Building Code Council will go before an administrative judge this week with an emergency rule the Council adopted regarding requirements for low-E windows. The state's building code requires low-E windows to be used for their energy-efficiency benefits, and, according to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association's recently released U.S. Industry Market Studies, 81 percent of conventional residential windows in the U.S. utilize low-E glass.More

Coated flat glass: Technologies and global markets
Glass on Web
Coated flat glass industry has witnessed significant growth in the global market since the last five years. This BCC Research report provides an up-to-date and in-depth study of recent developments and trends in the global coated flat glass market. It also records the projected impact of internal and external forces affecting the global coated flat glass industry, and thereafter, through 2019 with five-year CAGR projections from 2014 to 2019. More

Window and door manufacturers market study forecasts growth
Woodworking Network
A recent study by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association shows heatlhy growth for 2013 and anticipated continued market gains through 2015. The Window and Entry Door Industry 2014 U.S. Market Study indicates that window and door manufacturers enjoyed 10 percent growth last year, with a total estimate of 44.5 million units shipped. More

Technology and home improvement — from HVAC to windows
American News Report
We've seen technology radically change the landscape of communications, business and entertainment in the last decade, where all things have turned to digital revolutions. We wanted to see how technology has affected what most consider baseline industries, where digital tools may or may not seem to be important: Specifically, we looked at the home improvement industry, where things like HVAC, roofing and windows don’t appear to be tech-influenced, as well as security, which the general consumer recognizes as being tech-influenced. Our findings were sometimes quite surprising.More

Say hello to an inviting front door
Rapid City Journal
What is your front door saying about you? It may reveal more than you realize. Doors drop hints about your personality and the vibrant lives of everyone in your home. Architect Eric Monroe says that like a firm handshake in a business meeting, your front door is one of your best opportunities to make a good impression. Your front door should complement the style, time period and overall appearance of your house.More

Using postcards to generate calls and referrals
By Jeffrey Dobkin
A letter is the best marketing tool. In a letter, you have time and space to sell, sell, sell. You can explain benefits and features. You can show facts and figures. But a letter is a lot of work and expense: printing, folding, including a brochure to add a harder sell and credibility, envelope, mail shop services for inserting, postage, affixing postage, imaging name and address. Lots of handling. Postcards, on the other hand, can be effective and are certainly less work. Postcards enjoy high readership because once the recipient picks it up and is ready to toss it out — hey, she's read it!More

Window glass making at PPG Industries
The Fresno Bee
PPG is gearing up to make a new kind of glass that uses almost only oxygen to melt sand, and is supposed to have superior clarity and emit less nitrous oxide.More

Why smart homes are the next big thing
Things are hotting up in the smart home market and consumers may soon be exposed to hundreds of new hardware devices and apps that allow them to monitor and control their homes from just about anywhere. Although the concept is not particularly new, there are major moves by technology companies, especially Apple and Google, to consolidate smart home technologies and make them more readily available.More