Door & Window Business
Sep. 10, 2014

Architectural door market sees strong growth ahead
Woodworking Network
The Window and Door Manufacturers Association's Architectural Door 2014 U.S. Market Study forecasts sustained growth for the architectural door market through next year. The recently released study calculates robust market growth in the wood flush door market of nearly 24 percent for this year and 22 percent for next. More

Window film and windows — An unlikely couple
Door & Window Magazine
Recent research makes some bold growth predictions for the solar reflective architectural window film market. But what does this mean for window manufacturers? An upcoming article in Window Film magazine, sister publication to DWM, looks at the possible interface among window film companies and window manufacturers. Could they work together or would warranty standards hinder the potential partnership?More

Explore global door market outlook to 2019
The market is strongly expected to grow due to the rising construction activities across the globe. In addition, the growing demand for doors for safety purposes such as fire and security, implemented in industries due to rising safety regulations is expected to drive the market. Growing commercial construction activities in developing regions such as India and China is expected to open the doors for the automatic door industry.More

A guide to glass entrances and wall systems
Glass Magazine
Amid a push toward large, open spaces in the workplace, more people are working in glass offices or conference rooms than ever before. Roughly 68 percent of U.S. offices have an "open plan" or "open seating" design, with work surfaces separated by low or no walls. The remaining offices and conference rooms are often walled in glass, creating an optimal balance of private and collaborative spaces to fulfill multiple functions. Consider these following questions when designing with glass wall office systems.More

Haven keeps your doors locked without keys
Here's a clever solution to keeping your door locked: It's called Haven, and it attaches to the floor and the doorframe. To open your door, you simply disengage the floor attachment and open it normally. There are no locks to pick or deadbolts to crack, simply because you don't need to use those to keep the door closed. Created by Alex Bertelli, former Army man turned business development expert in Tennessee, and serial entrepreneur Clay Banks, the product uses your phone or a specially keyed fob to open and close the door at will.More

Save 2 birds with 1 film
Window Film Magazine
A growing number of consumers are purchasing specialty window film not only for its energy-saving qualities, but also its bird-saving capacity. At Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey, bird collisions were occurring almost daily, campus administrator Lisa Apel-Gendron told "It was disturbing to students and faculty. While researching solutions, we realized we could also address the escalating energy costs at the same time," she says.More

10 barn doors in the kitchen
The Kitchn
Trying to squeeze a small pantry into a kitchen? Save some space and create a really cool element by using a sliding barn door to hide the pantry, or the laundry, or coffee station — anything in a closet. These sliding barn doors have become so popular lately — here are 10 great examples of barn doors in the kitchen. More