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Oct. 8, 2014

Top 5 reasons why 'the customer is always right' is wrong
QCSS Smartcenter
Businesses have all heard the saying, "The customer is always right." Many have been told to live by it. However, it may be time to start re-thinking this phrase and use a different approach because ironically, it leads to worse customer service.More

Blinds seem downright medieval when you can dim your windows with an app
Digital Trends
A Californian company is closing the door on ordinary windows, with new smartglass that can track the position of the sun and automatically dim itself to block out the glare and heat — all controlled by your smartphone, of course. In an era when smart smoke detectors can tell burnt toast from fire and smart thermostats know you're not home, it only made sense for your windows to undergo an upgrade too. More

Add some fun with a splash of color on front doors
Tampa Bay Times
A couple of decades ago, bold red front doors — a pop of color that matched nothing else on the house — were all the rage. That trend has faded a bit but remains very much alive, perhaps because of its ancient roots. Red doors are symbols of welcome, proclamations that the mortgage is paid off and good feng shui. But for some serious individualists, red is just too popular to make a statement. Red doors became a springboard for contrasting entryways painted orange — and turquoise, purple, yellow, blue. Really, just about any color on the fun and funky palette, says Alexander Reale, owner of 39-year-old Tropical Painting Co. in St. Petersburg, Florida. More

3 reasons websites are vital for small businesses
Running your own business is no easy task, and your to-do list is guaranteed to never end. This said, you shouldn't use this as an excuse to take short cuts when it comes to having online visibility. Beginning with your website, it's vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers the impression you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business.More

Danish company readies wireless door locks
A Danish company is bringing a Bluetooth door lock and a combination Bluetooth/Z-Wave door lock to the U.S. market through Amazon's home-automation store and Best Buy. The company, Poly-Control of Aarhus, Denmark, also plans additional access-control products for the residential market later this year. The company's first two devices will be available Oct. 21 in Amazon's store, followed by availability through Best Buy. More

Infographic: OSHA's recordkeeping rule updates — what employers need to know
On Sept. 11, 2014, OSHA announced a final rule that alters requirements for reporting work-related fatalities and severe injuries and updates the list of injuries that are partially exempt from the injury and illness recordkeeping requirement. This BLR infographic provides an overview of the changes, which take effect on Jan. 1, 2015.More

What makes lien waivers unfair?
By Scott Wolfe
A few years ago, a Texas contractor got a $20 million judgment against a property owner who was withholding payment. Shortly thereafter, an appeals court unpinned the judgment and awarded $10 million to the property owner for reimbursed attorney fees. What happened? The contractor in this story, Zachry Construction, got burned by a lien waiver. They signed a waiver of their lien rights in exchange for a payment, and that waiver included a release of any and all claims — including the $20 million claim for work subject to a change order dispute.More