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Oct. 22, 2014

Is your company identity schizophrenic?
Window Film Magazine
You're probably asking yourself, "what do you mean is my company identity schizophrenic?" You know, when you have so many ideas that it's hard to concentrate on just one — or branding has gotten so crazy you don't even know which logo is your current one, and let's face it — you don't even have a mission statement. Does this sound familiar?More

WDMA report breaks down entry door market
Window & Door
Shipments of residential entry doors continue their upward trend, with the majority slotted for new construction applications, reports the Window & Door Manufacturers Association in its WDMA Entry Door Industry 2014 U.S. Market Report. The number of residential exterior doors shipped in 2013, including side-hinged entry, sliding patio and hinged patio doors, grew 6 percent last year and is projected to increase another 5 percent in 2014. New construction projects remain the dominant application for entry doors, accounting for 65 percent of the market in 2013. Replacement projects had the second largest share at 22 percent, followed by remodeling projects at 13 percent, the association reports.More

Being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
Door & Window Market Magazine
If you are not uncomfortable in business, chances are you have settled into the sea of sameness of the industry. This comfort brings a maintenance mode of doing business; you merely grow or decline in parallel with the overall organic industry. People in this mode who want year over year growth usually resort to an approach of stealing share from other competitors. This leads to a share shift game played by many competitors, which usually brings a similar share breakout but price reductions and profit loss to the market. This creates a lower price position and value platform through the channel, all the way down to the homeowner.More

Apple stores will sell a smart lock for your front door
Bloomberg Businessweek
In June, Apple announced HomeKit, its platform for integrating smart gadgets through iOS. If all goes according to Apple's plan, your iPhone or iPad will become the hub for controlling your personal Internet of Things. But for that to happen, the tech giant needs companies to develop home gadgets for its framework, much as it needed apps to build up the App Store. That's why it will be selling, in all its U.S. stores, a smart lock designed by Yves Béhar and called August.More

Estimating labor costs when no 2 jobs are alike
Window & Door
Experienced estimators can sometimes bid an entire home of turnkey replacement windows almost within minutes of meeting with a potential client. It's merely a matter of multiplying the number of openings by a rounded per-unit figure and voila! — there's your estimate. Though common, this standard "per-opening" installed bid only works up to a point. Even with the same or similar-sized product and a similar application, not everything is consistent from house to house.More

Oakland County log home features windows of all shapes
Detroit Free Press
Stand inside this soaring log house and no other homes are in sight. Even the public road is a half-mile away. Instead, windows on every side — squares, rectangles, diamonds, triangles, trapezoids, even a span of glass ceiling — bring in the woods and wildlife. That includes deer, fox, wild turkeys, woodpeckers and an abundance of other woodland birds.More

Writing the letter that gets you more referrals
By Jeffrey Dobkin
What's the best way to get more referral business? It's by writing a thank-you letter. Here's how it works: First, you get a referral. I know — I'm as surprised as you are, but sometimes it happens. Someone liked you, and somewhere down the line they passed on some good words to a new customer or prospect who calls you. To encourage them to refer you again and again, send them a "thank you for your referral" letter. Why? First, your thank-you letter elevates you from the silent majority — you know, the people who never bothered to express their appreciation for receiving a referral.More