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Dec. 10, 2014

Less than 30 days left to be Energy Star compliant
Special to Door & Window Business
Energy Star®, the EPA and DOE have made it very clear that starting 1/1/2015 they will be checking for Window and Door Installation Instructions from all window and door manufacturers online and included (by link) on all products and promotional materials. Without them, window manufacturers will not be able to qualify for or renew Energy Star labels. While many companies have some instructions, very few have all 8 required topics covered. AWDI has an EPA vetted and accepted complete solution that offers an internet based library of installation methods easily customized for each manufacturer to use to be compliant.More

How to avoid the top 5 OSHA violations
Door & Window Market Magazine
Doors and windows are meant to keep consumers safe, whether it's from hazardous weather, insects, etc. But what about the safety of those who manufacture these products? While manufacturer officials would say their employees' safety is a number one concern, sometimes that's not quite good enough for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.More

18 ways customer feedback will grow your business
Small Business Trends
Satisfied customers lead to business growth. But in order to make sure your customers are satisfied, you need to run regular customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys go well beyond simply helping you determine your customer satisfaction levels. Here are 18 benefits.More

AAMA releases updated voluntary specification for multi-bar hinges in window applications
American Architectural Manufacturers Association
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association has updated and released AAMA 904, Voluntary Specification for Multi-Bar Hinges in Window Applications. Last updated in 2009, the document describes methods of test, procedures, materials and performance criteria for determining the durability of this type of hinge used for opening and closing casement, projected and parallel opening windows. More

Thinking about a mobile website? 3 types exist, but only 1 is worthwhile
By Randall Craig
If you use the Web on a mobile device, do you ever get frustrated by a site that forces you to pinch-and-zoom to read the content? Or a mobile website that seems to hide what you think is key information? If your organization is considering a new website, you likely already know that the site must be mobile-friendly. In developer-speak, this means that the site must be developed using responsive design — the site must be usable no matter what device is knocking at the Web server's door. No pinch-and-zoom. Unfortunately, not all responsive design is the same.More

Dealers: 'Tis the season to sell PPF
Window Film Magazine
When things get colder, they tend to move slower — and automotive window film industry is no exception. Each winter, some automotive tint shops, especially in northern states, struggle to stay afloat as the demand for heat rejection dies down. Paint protection film takes the cold sting out of winter for Gail Bulgin, president of Private Eyes Window Tinting in Wyoming.More

Senate weighs tax breaks for small businesses
The Associated Press via Inc.
A bill that would revive substantial tax breaks for small businesses is awaiting approval in the Senate. The House recently passed the Tax Increase Prevention Act, which among other things would raise to $500,000 the amount small businesses can deduct for 2014 purchases of equipment like trucks, machinery, computers and furniture. The deduction had fallen to $25,000 this year from $500,000 in 2013. Small businesses have until Dec. 31 to buy equipment and get it up and running to claim the deduction.More

Stage set for employment cost increase in construction industry
Door & Window Market Magazine
As the U.S. construction industry continues its recovery, the much-discussed labor shortage will continue to change its scope. With that change also will come an increase in pay for workers, according to Associated General Contractors of America chief economist Ken Simonson. Simonson recently joined CMD chief economist Alex Carrick and American Institute of Architects chief economist Kermit Baker to discuss that topic, among others, in a webinar titled, "Is the Pace of Construction Investment Set to Quicken?"More

Here come the Internet-connected doorbells
Everyday there's another household object the tech industry tries connecting to the Internet. A lot of it is completely unnecessary. In short, there's a lot of junk out there. But a new category slowly emerging seems to be catching on: doorbells.More