Door & Window Business
Dec. 11, 2013

Simple tips for covering your windows
Daily Herald
Everyone has windows, and they are designed to let in air and sunshine. But you also need to cover those windows sometimes to keep the air and sunshine out — not to mention for privacy. There are some simple solutions, and we have some super tips for measuring and installing window coverings.More

Block windows offer security, efficiency
Glass block windows are definitely more secure than standard double-pane glass windows for several reasons. Although it is possible to hammer one's way through a glass block window, it is certainly is much more difficult and noisy than breaking through standard pane glass windows.More

Raising the curtain on home automation
North Dallas Gazette
You can monitor your homes remotely, run all our electronics using an iPad and even monitor home security via the Internet while you travel. Today’s consumers are interested in incorporating convenience, technology and comfort into their homes so it's no surprise that this trend has trickled down to home décor.More

Home improvement tips for the holidays from The Money Pit
Marketwired via Digital Journal
The holiday season means guests, parties and a lot more time spent indoors. "Before the calendar gets hectic, a few simple home improvement tips can add style, convenience and security," says Tom Kraeutler, home improvement expert and syndicated radio show host of The Money Pit. "They'll not only make you more ready for holidays, but also provide enjoyment and ease throughout the year ahead."More

Drafting a written collections policy is good for business
By Nate Budde
While sometimes overlooked — or just noticed but ignored — a strong collection policy is an important piece of a complete and thorough credit policy. A well-conceived collection policy, coupled with a detailed lien policy, will save a business much of the time and expense taken up by the litigation that sometimes seems necessary to get paid. Some collectors and collection agencies have rightfully gained a less-than-stellar reputation, and it's understandable if companies want to keep the collections process in-house. Either way, a good in-house or outsourced collection program can benefit your bottom line.More

Top 10 social media tips for businesses
Gulf Business
You know you need to get your brand active socially but do not know where you should be present? Take a step back and think from your customers point of view. Where would they be most active? More

This is one of the best networking tips for introverts
Government Executive
One of the best networking tips for shy people might be simply, "Move your desk at work." Steve Jobs put the same principle into action when the Pixar offices were designed. He wanted people from different departments to interact in order to spur creativity.More

Ceres manufacturer lands $2 million contract building doors, frames for Hong Kong subway extension
Merced Sun-Star
During its 40 years in business, Stiles Custom Metal Inc. has weathered many ups and downs in the metal door manufacturing industry. But the Great Recession, which halted construction projects across the United States, proved particularly painful for the family-owned business. More

5 tips for successful performance evaluations
By D. Albert Brannen
Performance evaluation programs can be immensely beneficial to employers. They can help management improve employee performance and adjust staff expectations. However, if done improperly, performance evaluations can create more legal liability than they help to avoid. This article lists five critical tips for making sure your performance evaluation system is on the right track. More