This Week in Welding
Jan. 22, 2013

As manufacturing bounces back from recession, unions are left behind
The Washington Post
U.S. manufacturers have added a half-million new workers since the end of 2009, making the sector one of the few bright spots in an otherwise weak recovery. And yet there were 4 percent fewer union factory workers in 2012 than there were in 2010, according to federal survey data. On balance, all of the job gains in manufacturing have been nonunion.More

Report: Manufacturing universities needed to keep US competitive
Smart Planet
With the tech-driven manufacturing resurgence, it may be time for the government to push for university programs dedicated to preparing people to lead this new economic growth engine. In a report published by Brookings Institution, Robert Atkinson and Stephen Ezell urge the U.S. Congress to enact a series of specially designated universities in the same way the legislature established land-grant colleges in 1862 to promote learning in "agriculture and the mechanic arts."More

Management is (still) not leadership
Harvard Business Review
Management is a set of well-known processes, like planning, budgeting, structuring jobs, staffing jobs, measuring performance and problem-solving, which help an organization to predictably do what it knows how to do well. Leadership is entirely different. It is associated with taking an organization into the future, finding opportunities that are coming at it faster and faster and successfully exploiting those opportunities. Leadership is about vision, about people buying in, about empowerment and, most of all, about producing useful change.More

US to become nearly energy independent by 2030
The United States will become almost self-sufficient for its energy needs by 2030, boosted by shale oil and gas output and slowing demand, according to a BP forecast. "By 2030, increasing production and moderating demand will result in the United States being 99 percent self-sufficient in net energy; in 2005 it was only 70 percent self-sufficient," BP said in its latest Energy Outlook report.More

Registration still open for AWS Shipbuilding Conference in New Orleans
The conference will include a technical program featuring presentations on advanced welding processes, NDT, materials, robotics and mechanized welding for shipbuilding applications. Presenters will discuss new flux core welding electrodes for high yield steels, a new approach to reduce diffusible hydrogen content in the weld zone, aluminum applications and welding tractors that can be used for all position welding that do not require tracks. Other presentations will address the integration of robotics and welding power supplies, hybrid laser welding in shipyards and the use of portable robots to join thick steel plating.More

A growing number of American companies are moving manufacturing back to the US, but keep it in perspective
The Economist
The reshoring movement has to be kept in proportion. Most of the multinationals involved are bringing back only some of their production destined for the American market. Much of what they had moved over the past few decades remains overseas. And for many of the biggest firms the amount of work that they are still sending abroad outweighs the amount that they are bringing back onshore.More

Huntsville, Ala., hosts workshop for $1 billion national manufacturing initiative
The Huntsville Times
Hundreds of industry experts, executives, academics and government officials from around the U.S. met in Huntsville, Ala., to begin talking about how to create a manufacturing network to keep the nation innovative and competitive. The Dept. of Defense, NASA and the University of Alabama in Huntsville hosted a daylong workshop to continue developing the framework for the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, a $1 billion initiative proposed in 2011 by President Barack Obama and organized by the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office at the National Institute of Science and Technology.More

Despite layoffs, Shaw recruitment of skilled workers continues for new VC Summer reactor construction in SC
Nuclear Street
The Shaw Group continues to recruit workers to help build two Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at South Carolina's V.C. Summer nuclear plant, with company representatives assisting applicants at a nearby technical college once a week. The Fairfield County Herald Independent recently reported that Shaw recruiters are available at the Midlands Technical College QuickJobs center in Winnsboro, S.C.More

American Welding Society 2012 President Bill Rice donates $50,000 for welding scholarships
The American Welding Society's 2012 President William "Bill" Rice is making lasting contributions to the future of the welding industry and closed out his presidential year with generous donations. During the grand opening celebration of the American Welding Society's new global headquarters in late November, Rice announced that he and wife Cherry donated $50,000 for a new scholarship intended to help women interested in welding careers.More

Students welding a future at Tennessee Tech Center at Shelbyville
Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Twenty-two students at a Tennessee vocational school are turning metal into artwork, and in the process are being welded into future professionals. Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville is using a computer numerical controller system for advanced training in welding. The school bought the machine last year, welding instructor Tim Holder said.More

Check out this augmented reality welding mask that will show you how sloppy your welds really are
VideoBrief The creators of the MannVis augmented reality welding helmet have come up with a set of complex algorithms which allow real-time processing of HDR videos at 120 frames per second — in stereoscopic 3D, no less. The process creates an effective contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 which is far beyond natural human capability. This incredible contrast ratio is used in an augmented reality view to show the welder inhuman detail as they weld.More

Delaware firm to add manufacturing jobs
The Associated Press via San Francisco Chronicle
A Delaware firm best known for manufacturing NASA spacesuits is relocating a recently acquired subsidiary's manufacturing operations to Sussex County, with plans to bring 115 new jobs to Delaware. Gov. Jack Markell announced that ILC Dover will bring the manufacturing operations of Grayling Industries to a new plant near Seaford later this year.More

Welding, construction companies hiring in Alabama
Dozens of job seekers attended a career fair at the AIDT Maritime Training Center in Mobile, Ala., on Jan. 16. Local welding and construction companies are looking to hire skilled workers in Mobile. It is an industry experts said will soon be in high demand. The career fair gave both skilled and unskilled workers an opportunity to speak with industry representatives from maritime and construction businesses in Alabama and the Gulf Coast that are seeking qualified employees.More

AWS revises specifications for shielded metal arc welding
The American Welding Society has published revised editions of AWS A5.1, Specification for Carbon Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding and AWS A5.4, Specification for Stainless Steel Electrodes for Shielded Metal Arc Welding.More