This Week in Welding
Mar. 4, 2014

Caltrans: New Bay Bridge welds not an earthquake safety issue
The nonstandard weld connections that were used to hold road deck sections together on the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge won't affect the bridge's performance during earthquakes, Caltrans officials said Feb. 25. "This is not an issue," spokesman Andrew Gordon told reporters at a briefing at a Caltrans office in Oakland near the eastern side of the Bay Bridge.More

AWS Conference on Welding of Stainless Steels
March 25-26, 2014
Loews Philadelphia Hotel

This conference will bring together some of industry's most outstanding experts to discuss the welding of austenitic, duplex, and other grades of stainless steel. Topics will include dissimilar metal welds between stainless and steel, repair welding, cladding, cleaning, and the pitfalls involved in stress corrosion cracking. More

Weld Cracking Conference
April 15-16, 2014
Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown

This conference will help welding engineers and others avoid mistakes and turn out high quality products. Topics range from impact tests and how they relate to potential weld cracking as well as the control of moisture in welding consumables. More

International Symposium on Advances in Resistance Welding
April 28-30, 2014

Technical conference on resistance welding topics presented by AWS and the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA).More

Booming US energy sector feeds manufacturing, may overtake it
Could the booming U.S. energy sector assume the mantle that Detroit's big automakers once held in the economy? Although it's still too early to tell, recent trends suggest soaring energy production may replace automobile manufacturing as an economic powerhouse. Even as the U.S. recovery falters, manufacturing and energy are in the midst of a broad expansion that is helping to generate growth. More

Service members get boost in transition to trades
Northwest Guardian via U.S. Air Force
A new program pairs Joint Base Lewis-McChord with the United Association Local No. 26 to teach welding and heating, ventilation and air conditioning skills to transitioning service members, allowing them to exit the service directly into skilled labor positions. The Veterans in Piping training program began a welding class Jan. 14 in Lacey at UA Local No. 26, and the program will follow up with an HVAC course at Stone Education Center that begins in April.More

Potential pitfalls in ultrasonic plastic welding
Assembly Magazine
Ultrasonic welding is fast, requires no consumables, and can be applied to a wide variety of applications. Additionally, equipment cost is relatively low. Ultrasonic welding can create strong, hermetic welds that are visually appealing. However, some design considerations must be taken into account to ensure optimum results.More

Manufacturing in the spotlight
A group of high school students stood wide-eyed as student at Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley Technical College dropped a metal ball that seemed to defy gravity as it fell through a simple copper tube. It fell slowly through the tube as if moving in molasses, never touching the sides. The demonstration of electromagnetic forces took place in the Nano Engineering Technology area of CVTC's Manufacturing Education Center last March at the annual Manufacturing Show, which returns for a third year March 6.More

Channeling 'Iron Man,' Obama announces Midwest manufacturing hubs
Joking that he would blast off in an "Iron Man" suit, President Barack Obama announced Feb. 25 that two new manufacturing institutes aimed at creating quality jobs would be located in the Midwest cities of Chicago and Detroit. Obama, who calls Chicago his home town, is seeking ways to find jobs for middle-class Americans and raise their incomes the U.S. economy continues to recover from a brutal recession. In the absence of a consensus in Congress on how to proceed, he has pledged to act on his own when he can.More

Manufacturing institute will support smaller businesses in Western New York state
The Buffalo Billion initiative is helping to bring new manufacturing job opportunities to Western New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Feb. 27 that $45 million will be invested in the Buffalo Niagara Advanced Manufacturing Competitiveness Institute. The state-of-the-art facility will help create economic opportunities and jobs.More

Women filling welding jobs, helping Louisiana workforce crisis
Daily Comet
With wages rising and local companies in desperate need for welders, more and more women are stepping underneath the hood and lighting up the blowtorch to fill a void much as they did in the days when Rosie the Riveter drew women to fill manufacturing positions during World War II. In South Louisiana, the trend is bucking a national slide in female manufacturing workers who in 2010 occupied their lowest percentage of manufacturing jobs since 1971, according to a report from the National Women's Law Center.More

Scrap metal, scavenged by Carlsbad, NM, woman, gets new life as art
One Carlsbad, N.M., artist loves horses and believes that the animal has done more for and with humans throughout history than any other domestic animal. "They have been our partners and slaves in farming, hunting, wars, travel, exploration and entertainment," said Peggi Bell, artist welder. Bell is humble and unpretentious about her artistic ability. She shies away from notoriety but is grateful and appreciative to those who admire the art scrap metal sculptures she began creating last October.More

Pennsylvania firms expect natural gas boom to help manufacturing
The Associated Press via The Vindicator
In the earlier days of Pennsylvania's natural gas boom, Jennison Manufacturing Group sent a salesman out to the countryside for eight months of driving from drill site to drill site. He went far from the office suites and conferences where deals usually get struck, but Jennison was chasing the next great hope. The gas boom could be the biggest opportunity for area manufacturers such as Jennison in at least 30 years, company officials said. More

Lewis and Clark CC in Illinois offers welding for women
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Lewis and Clark Community College's Corporate and Community Learning division is offering females the chance to explore the world of welding this March. "This is a great opportunity for any woman who wants to try something that she may have never had the chance or ever thought about," said welding instructor Gailyn Cornell of Bunker Hill, Ill.More

Caltrans: New Bay Bridge welds not an earthquake safety issue
The nonstandard weld connections that were used to hold road deck sections together on the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge won't affect the bridge's performance during earthquakes, Caltrans officials said Feb. 25.More

New technology for welding aluminum
Assembly Magazine
To meet federally mandated fuel economy standards, automakers must dramatically reduce vehicle weight. As a result, engineers are using more and more aluminum for body panels, engine components and structural parts.More

From Autodesk, an incredible new technique for 3-D printing metal in midair
Fast Company
We can 3-D print myriad plastic goods, fabric for apparel, burritos, candy, and perhaps in the not-so-distant future, human organs. Now, a collaboration between Dutch designer Joris Laarman and software company Autodesk has yielded something groundbreaking: an affordable technique for printing large metal structures, called MX3D-Metal.More

Winter weather chills regional manufacturing activity in Great Plains
The Kansas City Star
Blame it on the weather. Frigid temperatures, layers of ice and lots of snow in February were the main culprits behind the tepid growth in manufacturing activity in a seven-state area that includes Kansas and the northern half of Missouri, according to a report Feb. 27 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.More

Quad Cities applying for 'manufacturing community' title
The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce held its annual economic forecast Feb. 27. During the presentation, John Deere's chief economist said the economy is looking better this year than it did last. He says the unemployment rate is falling, more growth is projected on the world stage, and he says if consumers start buying things again, the economy will gain some momentum.More