This Week in Welding
Jul. 7, 2015

Manufacturing training program pays off in a promotion for Indiana woman
Mary Downs has suffered a lot of layoffs. She worked in the steel industry and in a foundry. She worked her way up to supervisor, only to be met with another layoff. When she took a job as a grinder at Primex Plastics in Richmond, Indiana, Downs was determined to work her way into a secure position. She helped on the lines, became a machine assistant, then a floater, a blender and finally, a machine operator. With her determination to better her skills and position, Downs jumped at the chance to participate in Manufacturing Matters, a local technology skills training program for high-demand manufacturing jobs. More

2nd Welding Education, Skills, and Certifications Conference and Seminar
July 13-16, 2015
Chattanooga State Community College
Chattanooga, TN

This year’s conference is structured to provide an integrated and comprehensive overview on AWS standards, services, and best practices for welding career pathway education and credentialing. It is especially valuable for education & training institutions who are developing workforce supplier and testing services with industry, and their industrial partners. The American Welding Society and leaders from top training institutions, welding technology suppliers, and industry will help you gain new insights, share best practices, exchange ideas, and solve problems specific to your technical program and your local needs. This year’s conference will also feature a workshop to promote articulation along welding pathways, and new opportunities for apprentice programs for modern metal manufacturing. More

High Temp Metals Conference
Aug. 18-19, 2015
Moraine Valley Community College
Chicago, IL

Materials used in high temperature application are becoming more complex to achieve the creep strength and corrosion resistance. A range of low alloy, high strength, and austenitic materials are required depending on the application. What choices does the engineer have once the weldability window for high-temperature steels is cut in half? Come and learn from the experts how to manage weldability of P91 steel, dissimilar metal welding, postweld heat treating, selection of weld consumables, the types of weld cracking, and more. More

AWS Gets Personal with Career Management Tool — AWS WeldLink
The American Welding Society (AWS) has launched an innovative career planning and management system — AWS WeldLink, to bring together individuals, businesses, and schools in the welding industry.More

Manufacturing activity increased modestly in June
USA Today
Manufacturing picked up modestly in June, as booming home and vehicle sales bolstered key industries. A closely followed index of factory activity rose to 53.5 from 52.8 in May, the Institute for Supply Management said July 1, above the 53.2 expected by economists surveyed by Bloomberg. More

Lincoln Electric and David Lincoln, son of its founder, support aspiring engineers at Ohio State
With a $1 million donation, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric and David Lincoln, son of the company’s founder, have co-funded the first endowed professorship in welding engineering at The Ohio State University. Lincoln Electric also donated or consigned nearly $420,000 worth of welding equipment and technology for use by Ohio State students and faculty.More

The US welding industry is facing a big labor shortage
Business Insider
The welding industry will face a shortage of about 400,000 operators by 2024, according to the American Welding Society. The problem comes from the aging population of the current welding operators and the lack of incoming skilled workers, Compact Equipment reports. The two main ways in which the industry is addressing the problem is through training more operators, requalifying existing employees build their skills, and increasing the productivity of current operators.More

Coloring books and welding help vets cope with PTSD
The Seattle Globalist
Imagine this: you’re walking your dog down the street in your neighborhood, when a car backfires. Suddenly a rush of sights, smells and sounds come rushing back to you from a horrific moment in your past. You begin to sweat, your breathing is labored, and your heart races and feels like it’s being squeezed. Maybe you instinctively drop to the ground to take cover as your training has taught you to do, or maybe you stand frozen unable to move, paralyzed with fear.More

Startup company in Elkhart, Indiana, scores big contract with foreign company
A startup company in Elkhart, Indiana, has landed a big contract with a foreign company. Bond Technologies uses a state-of-the-art welding technology that will help store nuclear fuel in Finland. The local company was the only one in the U.S. asked to bid on the contract. More

Delta College welding program gets boost with high-tech equipment
Midland Daily News
Welding training has taken on an entirely new dimension at Michigan’s Delta College, following the addition of $320,000 worth of high-tech equipment. The centerpieces of technology upgrades are virtual welding machines that not only are revolutionizing the way welding is taught, but are also sparking increased interest in the field among prospective students. College-aged students have grown up in the digital age and the eight new simulators Delta purchased to complement its traditional welding machines appeal to students who may view it as a gaming-like experience.More

A 'Rosie' of our own
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
From having her work inspected by Henry Ford as a riveter to working as a welder on bomber planes, one local woman has worked very meticulously over the years. Irene Rose, 90, of Princeton, West Virginia, received on-the-job training at the Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan. "I was a welder in Ann Arbor, Michigan," Rose said. "So I was taught how to weld — aluminum welding — which is very hard to do. Believe me, if it gets too hot it will drop through and you have to start all over again." More

Student in Illinois finds success in welding
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Education has helped a Southwestern Illinois College student build a strong future for herself. SWIC Welding Technology student Dawn Poston of Worden has been working as a welder/robot programmer at Seyer Industries in St. Peters, Missouri, since February 2014. She said her education helped her move into a field that can give her a chance to make a better life for her children.More

New Jersey technical school offers welding classes
Shore News Today
Cape May County (New Jersey) Technical School will offer a welding program this year, scheduled to begin Sept. 14, and is open to those over 18 by Oct. 15, who have either a high school diploma or equivalent. The course aligns with the objectives and curriculum of the American Welding Society, and includes oxygen/acetylene cutting, fusion and all position brazing, and all position arc welding. More