This Week in Welding
Oct. 25, 2011

Revolutionary new Boeing Dreamliner poised for takeoff
USA Today
The world's first jet to be made mostly of carbon fiber, instead of traditional aluminum and steel, is poised to carry passengers for the first time when Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways flies from Tokyo to Hong Kong with 264 travelers on board. The flight is a coming-out party for a jet that reflects the biggest change in aircraft construction since metal replaced wooden biplanes. The Dreamliner's relatively light weight and aerodynamic features promise to cut fuel costs up to 20 percent and enable airlines to reap profits from new non-stop routes.More

Why small manufacturers lag in 'green' efforts
The Wall Street Journal (blog)
Many manufacturers are eager to go green, but doing so is particularly tough for smaller firms. Fifty-seven percent of small manufacturers said they have little or no strategy to become sustainable, compared to 39 percent of larger manufacturers, according to a recent survey by the Manufacturing Performance Institute, an industry-research and strategy firm in Shaker Heights, Ohio.More

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank president says US manufacturing remains competitive
Industry Week
"As an industry, manufacturing needs to be agile in responding to the competitive environment, strive for efficiency gains, and constantly update technology," writes Sandra Panalto, president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.More

AWS members entitled to discounts at hundreds of GAWDA distributors
An exclusive benefit for AWS Members is the GAWDA/AWS Discount Program. AWS Members receive members-only discounts on welding equipment and tools of the trade by participating distributors. Please note: Discounts and items discounted are at the sole discretion of each company/branch. For discount amount, please contact the company/branch directly.More

Download the free mobile app for AWS events at FABTECH 2011
The AWS Events App is a native application for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones.More

Why China may lose manufacturing jobs to the US
PRI's The World
Some business analysts say it's time for more American companies, across different industries, to consider manufacturing stuff back home. Mark Kramer, managing director at the consulting firm FSG in Boston, said outsourcing to China is not a slam dunk anymore.More

Los Angeles good neighbor makes good fences
Los Angeles Times
Late in life, Earl Prince Sr. discovered his zeal for welding. The 88-year-old resident of southwestern Los Angeles' Crenshaw district has been crafting wrought-iron window bars, security doors, fences and gates for almost three decades — providing both beauty and protection for his neighbors, who love his metal mettle.More

CSR invests in stainless steel welding
Railway Gazette International
A new design of stainless steel metro car bodyshell has been unveiled by China-based CSR Zhuzhou. The company has been investing in resistance spot and laser-welding techniques to improve the production of stainless steel vehicles, which it assembles from 5,000 stainless steel plates with more than 30,000 welding points.More

Daimler AG boosts manufacturing investment in US
The Detroit News
Daimler AG said it would invest $350 million in its Tuscaloosa, Ala., plant to produce an all-new Mercedes-Benz model starting in 2015. The German automaker also will add a shift next year to a heavy truck plant in Portland, Ore. "We are systematically broadening our manufacturing footprint" in North America, said Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of Daimler and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. More

Demand up for construction, skilled trade workers
The Associated Press via Chicago Tribune
Demand for construction and skilled trade workers is growing in Michigan and apprentice programs are gearing up to help fill the need. The increased demand is a boon to journeymen, apprentices and union officials who sweated out the last few years on unemployment or with part-time work as construction projects ground to a halt, The Detroit News reported.More

Minnesota launches statewide campaign to attract technical students
The Free Press
Jones Metal Products in Mankato, Minn., has had such difficulty finding welders that the metal fabrication company is considering an internal recruitment and training program. Meanwhile, South Central College in Mankato has not had a welding program for more than a decade because of lack of student interest. But a statewide advertising campaign by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system aims to change that by encouraging students to pursue technical careers.More

Pennsylvania welder fights eminent domain
Fox News
Bob Valerio's thoughts were on his country as he waited for a court hearing on whether he would get to keep his business. "This is not the United States of America that I know," Valerio lamented. "Does the Constitution mean anything? Obviously, there are no personal property rights." For nearly 60 years, Valerio's family business, Wally and Joe's Welding, has stood in a squat brick building on a busy highway in McKeesport, Pa. But the government has taken title to his land by eminent domain, forcing Valerio to consider the prospect of closing his doors forever.More

Lansing scrap metal artist molds 'green' Sparty for MSU Homecoming
The State News (Michigan State University)
Every once in a while, scrap metal artist Tom Sheerin stops what he is working on and a blank look overcomes his face as he stares in thought at his latest challenge — creating a Sparty statue made out of recycled metal for the MSU Homecoming Parade. Sheerin has been welding and grinding iron into art for more than 10 years and has created multiple permanent art projects for public display throughout Michigan.More

$25 billion shipbuilding contract sparks interest at Canadian college
CBC News
Officials and students at Holland College in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, are excited that Halifax's Irving Shipbuilding was the winner of the 30-year contract to build 21 combat ships. "It's closer to home and I don't have to go so far from my family and friends to work," said Matt Harris, a welding student at the college. "It's pretty exciting because it's 30 years of work. So as a career trade, it's pretty good to have the longevity of a job after school's over with," said Chad Publicover, a second-year welding student.More

Miyachi Unitek unveils weldability smartphone application
Today's Energy Solutions
Miyachi Unitek Corporation, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and laser processing systems, has introduced its powerful material weldability mobile application for smartphones. The simple, helpful app, helps determine material weldability using either resistance (spot) or laser-welding technology. It is now available for free for both the iPhone and Android platforms.More

Survival strategies for the 'next generation of manufacturing'
Industry Week
Within four years after General MetalWorks began applying lean manufacturing principles, the Mequon, Wis.-based custom metal fabricator slashed its finished-goods inventory by 90 percent and nearly tripled its annual inventory turns. "And today we essentially carry no finished goods," GenMet President Mary Isbister said. GenMet, whose customers include truck and construction OEMs and point-of-purchase display manufacturers, also leveraged lean to cut lead times in half for its contract-manufactured products, giving it an edge over offshore competitors, Isbister said.More

Trades often ignored by up-and-coming generation
Seminole Chronicle
Mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, repairmen. They may be part of an industry that keeps our homes, vehicles and roads in working order, but as time goes by, the demand for these kind of jobs will go up, even if the economy continues to spiral downward. As younger generations follow a now-traditional path down the route of the university system, trades programs are becoming a hot industry and in demand for those looking for a steady paycheck.More