This Week in Welding
Dec. 18, 2012

High-tech factories built to be engines of innovation
The New York Times
The Obama administration has long heralded the potential of American factories to offer good, stable middle-class jobs in an economy that desperately needs them. But experts say there might be another advantage to expanding manufacturing in the United States: A more innovative economy.More

Advanced manufacturing comes to life in 2012
Industry Week
As 2012 wraps up, we face that annual task of sorting through all of the year's news and events, its innovations and improvements, failures and successes, rises and falls to piece together the real story of the year and of all of its driving trends, so we'll know what to expect going into the next. For manufacturing technology, though, that is no easy task.More

Social media effort seeks to make manufacturing a little more hip
New Hampshire Business Review
David DeWitt recommends watching a video called "Metal & Flesh." This video, which uses words like "innovation" and "invention," shows a wounded warrior walking again. There's even some heli-skiing. As the video plays, a bed-headed hipster with a soul patch comes onto the screen talking about, of all things, manufacturing. DeWitt wants to obliterate the image people have of manufacturing. Gone are the gray days of humdrum assembly. Instead, he says, today's manufacturing is high-tech, requires interest and skill and even goes a long way to contributing in significant ways to society.More

US manufacturing may already be in recession
Bloomberg Businessweek
For the last three years, manufacturing has been the hero of the U.S. economic recovery. While housing and consumer spending have been slow to come back, manufacturing activity has outpaced the rest of the economy ever since the recession ended in June 2009. Industry has essentially flat-lined since the end of the first quarter of 2012, and recent data suggest manufacturing may be in a recession.More

In an effort to lure skilled workers, Porsche to cut working hours but maintain pay
Industry Week
Sportscar maker Porsche said it will gradually trim working hours without any cuts in pay, in an effort to attract highly skilled workers. "Porsche is looking to improve competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer even further," the automaker said in a statement. Porsche's executive board and its works council have "agreed on appropriate measures for increased flexibility and productivity," the company said.More

A simple graph showing the American manufacturing worker is suddenly an incredible bargain
The Atlantic
We are on the verge of a U.S.-based manufacturing renaissance, as companies see the advantages to making more goods at home, such as more control over the final product, lower energy costs from moving goods across an ocean, and a falling "wage gap." Simply put, U.S. factory workers are a much better deal than they were just ten years ago. Here is a T. Rowe Price graph of unit labor costs — basically, that's a measure of how productive our manufacturing workers are — which shows that U.S. has spent the last ten years gaining on some of our key trading partners.More

Arabia Essen Welding and Cutting Show to focus on UAE steel tube sector which is growing at 17 percent annually
OKI Bering, a leading American welding, safety and industrial products wholesaler with offices in Canada and the UAE, is participating in Arabia Essen Welding & Cutting 2013, the expo dedicated to welding machinery and technology from Jan. 7-10, at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Center. According to Asad ullah Mohammed, the general manager of OKI Bering Middle East, the UAE steel tube industry will witness an annual growth of 17 percent until 2015, driven largely by the oil & gas industry.More

Pennsylvania welder takes one giant leap for womankind
The Sentinel
One Perry County, Pa., woman's welding skills will help make colonizing Mars a reality someday. SpaceX, a rocket and spacecraft design company based in Los Angeles, hired Liverpool native Molly Soule to help weld together vehicles capable of inter-planetary travel — enabling future generations the opportunity to live on Mars. "I've always been really fascinated with aerospace," Soule said. "And SpaceX's main mission is to occupy Mars and to make it affordable to have regular people live there."More

Beal College launches welding program
Sparks will soon be flying at Beal College in Maine. The school opened its new welding technology center with a ceremonial ribbon cutting Dec. 11. The welding program doesn't begin until January, but it's already at full enrollment with 42 incoming students.More

Progress Rail acquires welding company
Railway Age
Progress Rail Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar., said it has purchased mobile welding assets from RibbonWeld, a rail welding company based in Springfield, Mo. Progress Rail will acquire all mobile flash butt welding equipment and a continuous welded rail train from RibbonWeld.More

South Dakota county approves purchase of equipment for welding training
Aberdeen News
A program that is providing welding skills training to the work force in the Aberdeen, S.D., area is set to get new equipment thanks to a batch of grant money. Brown County Commissioners approved spending as much as $89,684 for eight welders and a virtual welder. The purchase from Evergreen Supply in Aberdeen, the only bidder, is contingent upon approval from the North Eastern Work and Technical Education Center Board of Directors.More

Small manufacturers aren't little versions of major manufacturers
To better understand why many manufacturers back away from Six Sigma programs, you must first understand that manufacturing companies in the U.S. are not a homogeneous group. From more than 30 years of working with manufacturing companies of all sizes, there are at least four distinctly different types, and there are logarithmic differences between these types, in terms of resources, knowledge, experience, staff and the where-with-all to deal with change.More

Welding instructor uses experience as teaching tool
Newark Advocate
It's easy for Steve Strelecky to talk with his welding students about what they'll experience after they leave the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County, Ohio, and pursue a job. He brings almost 20 years of welding experience to his classroom every day. The high school welding instructor at C-TEC, Strelecky has been teaching for nine years.More

Tips for maintaining industrial heating equipment
Construction Safety Equipments (blog)
Any industrial production relies upon the use of heat generated by burning of fuel. In certain industrial productions, electrical energy is converted into heat for heating device to the work-piece or material, which is known as industrial furnace. There are many different types of industrial furnaces, which include crucible furnace, induction furnace, welding machines, boilers, etc.More

How to manage on-site safety issues
Construction & Welding Safety Equipment (blog)
During the construction process the workers or laborers are at great risk. There is a huge probability of them suffering injuries, which in extreme cases could be life threatening. In fact construction is considered the most dangerous business related activity. According to reliable sources, 13 out of every 100,000 workers involved in construction suffer from fatal injuries.More