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Jan. 5, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Awards for Distinction
CAA News
CAA has named the recipients of its twelve Awards for Distinction, which annually honor outstanding achievements in the visual arts by artists, scholars, teachers, writers, and conservators. Among the winners are Lynda Benglis, John Baldessari, and Mieke Bal.More

Cast Your Vote for the 2011-15 Board of Directors
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The election of members to the CAA Board of Directors for the 2011-15 term has begun. The six candidates are: Leslie Bellavance, Brian Bishop, dele jegede, Denise Mullen, Saul L. Ostrow, and Georgia K. Strange. Please read their statements and biographies—and watch their video presentations—before casting your vote. More

Recent Deaths in the Arts
CAA News
CAA recognizes the professional achievements of men and women who have made an impact on the visual arts in this monthly listing of obituaries. Included are the collector Roy Neuberger, the scholar Denis Dutton, and the artist Stephen Irwin.More

Sale on CAA's Directories of Graduate Programs in the Arts
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CAA's two Directories of Graduate Programs in the Arts, covering MA, MFA, and PhD programs in art and art history in North America and worldwide, are now on sale: $16 for CAA members and $20 for nonmembers.More Requests Dissertation Titles for Annual List
CAA News
Through January 15, CAA is accepting titles of dissertation, both completed and in progress, from schools and departments for the 2011 list, to be published in later this year.More

Advance Registration Open through January 21
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Register for the 99th Annual Conference and Centennial Kickoff by January 21 to receive a special discounted rate: $225 for regular CAA members, $130 for student and retired members, and $350 for nonmembers.More

Friday Deadline for Enrollment in Conference Mentoring Sessions
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The deadline to enroll in CAA's two conference mentoring sessions—the Artists' Portfolio Review and Career Development Mentoring—is Friday, January 7. These special programs offer free guidance to help further your career in the visual arts.More

ARTspace for New York Packed with Great Sessions
CAA News
The tenth anniversary of ARTspace, with programming designed by artists for artists, features panels on gallery representation, health and safety in the studio, the practice of painting, and public art. ARTspace will also host the Annual Artists' Interviews, this year with Krzysztof Wodiczko and Mel Chin.More

Reserve Your Booth or Table in the Interview Hall
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Through the Online Career Center, CAA encourages schools, institutions, and organizations that will be interviewing job candidates at the New York conference to begin reserving booths and tables in the Interview Hall.More

SEP Lounge Welcomes Students and Emerging Professionals
CAA News
The SEP Lounge offers younger conference attendees a place to convene and converse. Special programming from members of CAA's Student and Emerging Professionals Committee focuses on interviewing skills, candid talk about completing your thesis or dissertation, and postgraduate career advice. The lounge will also provide free Wi-Fi at the Hilton New York.More

Annual Members' Business Meeting
CAA News
The Annual Members' Business Meeting will be held at the upcoming Annual Conference in New York on Friday, February 11. The agenda has been published, and CAA encourages you to attend the discussion, which will be followed by a toast to the organization's Centennial.More

Encuentros: Artistic Exchange between the US and Latin America

Smithsonian American Art Museum
Call for Papers More

ARCH: Exploring Made Space

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
Exhibition Opportunities More

Rejects: Show Us What You've Got!

Village Gallery
Exhibition Opportunities More

Surrealism Centre's Eighth Annual PhD Symposium

Centre for the Study of Surrealism and Its Legacies
Call for Papers More

The Wassaic Project Artist Residency 2011

Wassaic Project
Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges More

President Obama Signs Museum and Library Services Act of 2010
Institute of Museum and Library Services
On December 22, President Barack Obama signed the Museum and Library Services Act of 2010 into law. The act reauthorizes the existing programs of the Institute of Museum and Library Services with some important changes: updated language calls on IMLS to take an active role in research and data collection and to advise the president and Congress on museum, library, and information services. The act also clearly recognizes how libraries and museums contribute to a competitive workforce and engaged citizenry.More

Slavery Paintings Coming Down from Atlanta Office
The Associated Press via Google
Murals of slaves harvesting sugar cane on a Georgia plantation and picking and ginning cotton are coming off the walls of a state building on the order of a new agriculture commissioner. The murals are part of a collection of eight works painted by George Beattie in 1956 depicting an idealized version of Georgia farming, from the corn grown by prehistoric American Indians to a twentieth-century veterinary lab. In the Deep South, the history in between includes the forced use of slave labor.More

A Triage to Save the Ruins of Babylon
The New York Times
The damage done to the ruins of ancient Babylon is visible from a small hilltop near the Tower of Babel, whose biblical importance is hard to envision from what is left of it today. Across the horizon are guard towers, concertina wire, and dirt-filled barriers among the palm trees; encroaching farms and concrete houses from this village and others; and the enormous palace that Saddam Hussein built in the 1980s atop the city where Nebuchadnezzar II ruled. Something else is visible, too: earthen mounds concealing all that has yet to be discovered in a city that the prophet Jeremiah called "a gold cup in the Lord's hands, a cup that made the whole earth drunk."More

Baby Boomers Helped Democratize Art
USA Today
As cultural historians examine the influence of the Baby Boom generation, they won't find it easy to see the direct impact of the boomers in visual arts. There's some evidence that boomers attracted to made-yesterday art that examines the world around them helped fuel the contemporary art market—and artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons—once some of them achieved substantial wealth and started buying art. Boomers also helped democratize art: they grew up believing anyone could become an artist, anyone could buy art or deal in art. Thus, by the 1960s, more young people from all backgrounds were opening up gallery spaces to show their friends' art, even if they were operating on shoestrings.More

Malcolm McLaren's Parting Words on Art, Paris, and the Sex Pistols
In a year in which many great artists and generation-molding figures passed away, the death of Malcolm McLaren stood out as cruelly premature, cutting short what seemed to be the legendary punk progenitor's rebirth as a visual artist. In the weeks before succumbing to cancer in April 2010 at 64, McLaren—a self-promoter extraordinaire, a raconteur with a flair for the dramatic, and, of course, a svengali—had been making the rounds in New York to herald his latest art film, Paris, Capital of the 21st Century.More

Delhi Plans Tate Modern-style Gallery in Old Power Station
The city of the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, the Gate of India, and the twelfth-century Qutb Minar tower is to get a new monument. A decommissioned power station in Delhi, the Indian capital, is to be converted into an art gallery modeled on London's Tate Modern. The plan has been approved by Delhi municipal authorities and could be completed in three to five years, depending on how long it takes to dismantle parts of the Indraprastha power plant beside the banks of the Yamuna River.More

A Move Abroad: Travels and Travails
The Chronicle of Higher Education
A year ago, I moved to England to accept a teaching position at the University of Nottingham. I came as an American historian at midcareer with a family in tow. Those in other academic fields, or who are single, or looking at a position in, say, China, will very likely face circumstances quite different from my own. Nevertheless, I will try to share what general pearls of advice I have for American academics contemplating relocation abroad.More

Over Ten Million Images from Life's Photo Archive to Be Available on Google
Art Knowledge News
Access to Life's Photo Archive—over 10 million images in total—will soon be available on a new hosted image service from Google. Ninety-seven percent of the photographs have never been seen by the public. The collection contains some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century, including works from great photojournalists Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Gordon Parks, and W. Eugene Smith.More