Ceramic Matrix Composites:  Hot Engine Solution

Ceramic Matrix Composites: Hot Engine Solution

Disruptive designs for composites operation in 1093 degrees Celsius zones.


Strain Measurement For the Mechanical Testing of Composites
Composites World

Recent developments in contact and noncontact strain measurement methods offer similar performance with additional benefits for composite material testing.

Natural Fiber Composites Used in EVs Participating in Extreme E Championship
Composites Manufacturing Magazine

The properties of the flax fiber will be tested in the immoderate conditions of the inaugural Extreme E Championship over five weekends covering four continents from Saudi Arabia to the arctic.

Introduction To Mechanical Testing of Composites
Composites World

A range of standardized mechanical tests for complex composites are available and still under development for materials development, design and quality control requirements.


Bio-Composites Could Transform Aircraft Design
Aerospace Manufacturing

Today, bio-composites – made of raw materials of biological origin – are giving engineers new insight on how to improve the environmental performance of future aircraft.

New Campers Built with Carbon Fiber Install Directly to Source Vehicle
Composites Manufacturing Magazine

For outdoor enthusiasts, GEO-cab is now offering the Badger camper that installs directly to the source vehicle, even a smaller truck or SUV like a Ford Bronco or Jeep Gladiator. And the Badger is lightweight and strong thanks to carbon fiber construction.

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