Perspective from John M. Fontaine, MD, MBA, FACC, FHRS

The article by Thomas et al and the CABANA trial investigators compares the responses of racial and ethnic minorities to treatment of AF via catheter ablation vs. medical treatment strategies. This trial focused on 127 patients from a self-identified cohort of African American and Hispanic patients (with a small number of other minority groups added in) in North America who were enrolled in the CABANA trial and followed for a median period of 54.9 months.

CABANA: AF ablation potentially superior to drug therapy among underrepresented groups

Patients from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups benefited significantly from catheter ablation compared with drug therapy for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, according to new data from the CABANA trial (The lead author for this paper - "Ablation Versus Drug Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation in Racial and Ethnic Minorities. - was Kevin L. Thomas, MD, electrophysiologist at the Duke Electrophysiology Consultative Clinic at Kernodle Clinic.)

Blood Management for Cardiothoracic Surgery: Guidelines Update

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons' document, created with multidisciplinary collaboration, includes 23 new or updated recommendations.


Decline in Function Starts Up to 10 Years Before Stroke

New findings suggest that individuals at high risk for future stroke can be identified and targeted for prevention strategies.

Stellate Ganglion Phototherapy Promising for Electrical Storm

SG phototherapy reduced sympathetic activity and might be a useful temporary adjunctive therapy to control electrical storm, a pilot study finds.

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