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April 5, 2019
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SBP Goal in High-Functioning Elderly Clear as White Matter Hyperintensity
Melissa K. Walton-Shirley, MD meets with William B. White, MD at the American College of Cardiology to discuss the INFINITY trial, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored trial.
COAPT Substudy Spotlights QOL Gains With MitraClip
To much acclaim, the COAPT trial demonstrated that use of the MitraClip (Abbott) in a very sick population with symptomatic (heart failure (HF) and secondary mitral regurgitation (MR) extends life and reduces HF hospitalization at 2 years. A new substudy suggests that quality of life, at least for those 24 months, was convincingly better than receiving standard care alone.
Some Medical Apps Routinely Share Data
Quinn Grundy, PhD, RN, assistant professor, faculty of nursing, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and colleagues advise clinicians to be conscious of privacy risks when they use the apps personally and to warn patients of the risks when they recommend their use.
Items of Interest
Unity in Diversity: American College of Cardiology Cares About Black Cardiologists
ABC Member Chiduzie Madubata, MD, FACC highlights the relationship between the ACC and ABC as highlighted at the recent ACC.19 Scientific Sessions.
Cardiac Monitoring for Pediatric Cancer Survivors
Participate in this poll, asking if survivors of childhood cancer require monitoring for cardiac risk factors before they reach adulthood.
OMH Announces National Minority Health Month 2019 Theme
April 2019 is National Minority Health Month, and for the observance this year, the HHS Office of Minority Health will join our partners in raising awareness about the important role an active lifestyle plays in keeping us healthy. The theme for the 2019 observance is Active & Healthy.
WATCH: Comparison of Three Combination Therapies in Lowering Blood Pressure in Black Africans
Dr. Peter Block interviews presenter Dr. Dike Ojji regarding CREOLE: 3 Combination Therapies in Lowering BP in Black Africans. Visit the ACC website for full meeting coverage.
Featured Articles by Members
ABC Members: We welcome your published research submissions and articles for inclusion in future issues of Clinical Updates and Insights. Email Rachel Williams at and please attach file or include links to the original published work and/or abstract.
The Role of Robust Regulation and Comprehensive Tobacco Control and Prevention: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association
Co-authored by Rose Marie Robertson (with Aruni Bhatnagar, Laurie P. Whitsel, Michael J. Blaha, Mark D. Huffman, Suchitra Krishan-Sarin, John Maa, Nancy Rigotti, John J. Warner, and On behalf of the American Heart Association)
Although the American Heart Association acknowledges that the ultimate endgame would be an end to all tobacco and nicotine addiction in the United States, it supports first minimizing the use of all combustible tobacco products while ensuring that other products do not addict the next generation of youth and adolescents.
Moderating Effects of Sleep Duration On Diabetes Risk Among Cancer Survivors: Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey in the USA
Co-authored by Girardin Jean-Louis (with Azizi A Seixas, Lloyd Gyamfi, Valerie Newsome, Gabrielle Ranger-Murdock, Mark Butler, Diana Margot Rosenthal, Ferdinand Zizi, Irini Youssef, Samy I McFarlane)
Growing evidence suggests that cancer and diabetes may share common risk factors such as age, race/ethnicity, obesity, insulin resistance, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol consumption. However, little is known about how habitual sleep duration (a known cardiometabolic risk factor) may affect the relationship between cancer and diabetes.
Childhood and Adult Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and Cardiac Structure and Function: Results From Echo-SOL
Co-authored by Carlos J. Rodriguez and Melissa Suzanne Burroughs Peña (with Katrina Swett, Robert C. Kaplan, Krista Perreira, Martha Daviglus, Mayank M. Kansal, Jianwen Cai, Aida L. Giachello, Marc D Gellman and Eric J. Velazquez)
Past and current household exposure to SHS was associated with abnormalities in cardiac systolic and diastolic function. Reducing household SHS exposure may be an opportunity for cardiac dysfunction prevention to reduce the risk of future clinical heart failure.
Estimation of Incident Heart Failure Risk among US Hispanics/Latinos Using a Validated Echocardiographic Risk-Stratification Index: the Echocardiographic Study of Latinos
Co-authored by Carlos J. Rodriguez, MD, MPH (with M. Octavia Rangel, MD, MS, Robert Kaplan, PhD, Martha Daviglus, MD, PhD, Neil Schneiderman, PhD, Barry E. Hurwitz, PhD, Jianwen Cai, PhD, Franklyn Gonzalez II, MS, Dalane Kitzman, MD and Mayank Kan
The lifetime risk of developing incident heart failure (HF) in the US is 20% for individuals older than 40 years. Few HF scores rely solely on echocardiographic parameters of cardiac structure and function to determine the risk of incident HF.
Upcoming Events
MQ 2019 Featured Session
Blueprint for Change:
Defining and Promoting a Single, Effective System
of Care for Patients with High Blood Pressure

Friday, April 12 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Summer Training For Underrepresented Junior Facilty
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine offers an all-expense paid summer institute program, initiated and funded by the NHLBI, to increase diversity in the field of Cardiovascular Disease Comorbidities, Genetics and Epidemiology.
Program Includes:
Two consecutive summers with two-week all-expense paid
summer institute, Mid-Year & Annual Meeting to:

  • Establish partnerships between Mentors and Mentees based on mutualresearch interests

  • Participate in training via lectures and workshops on various topics relatedto Cardiovascular Disease Comorbidities, Genetics, and Epidemiology

  • Participate in special grant-writing sessions conducted by NHLBI scientificprogram staff and PRIDE faculty

  • Compete for Small Research Project (SRP) funding for generatingpreliminary data for subsequent NHLBI grant applications

  • Develop the skills needed to apply for research grants and promoting asustainable independent research program for career development
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