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July 18, 2019
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How Lower Socioeconomic Status May 'Get Inside the Body' to Raise CV Risk
Researchers say they have identified a potentially modifiable biological pathway that may contribute to the increased burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and risk for clinical events in the socioeconomically disadvantaged.
CMS Expands Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Coverage
Medicare said it will expand its coverage of a diagnostic test that can track blood pressure over a 24-hour cycle. The giant federal health program is seeking to address both cases of hypertension that may not be caught during an office visit and the misdiagnosis of hypotension.
Promising Signs in PCI for the Expanding World of Big Data
New data support the broadening implementation of artificial intelligence in medicine, suggesting that machine learning may outperform standard statistical methods to forecast patient prognosis after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).
Items of Interest
Familial Hypercholesterolemia: What Is It and Who Gets It?
Recommended reading from the Chair of ABC’s Access to Care Initiative and Past ABC Board Chair, Dr. Keith C. Ferdinand. Share this article on familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), cholesterol and heart disease with friends, family and patients to spread awareness about FH.
People Making A Difference: Groundbreaking UCLA Cardiologist Talks Life, Career
ABC Founder and Cardiologist Dr. Richard Allen Williams is in his 45th year as a professor at UCLA School of Medicine. He spoke to CBS2 about his groundbreaking life and career.
Temple University Joins NIH and University of Pitt. in Launching Nationwide Precision Medicine Effort
Temple University will join the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of Pittsburgh to open an enrollment site for the All of Us Research Program--a momentous effort to advance individualized prevention, treatment and care for people of all backgrounds. Temple's effort is part of All of Us Pennsylvania in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh.
Howard University Hospital Opens New Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Center
Howard University Hospital (HUH) has opened a new Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Family Center at the Joint Base Anacostia –Bolling. The new center will provide low income, military families with infants and children access to healthy foods, nutritional and educational counseling, breastfeeding support, health care and immunization resources, and community-based social services. The center is open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
AUA, Charles Drew University Join Forces to Increase Med School Diversity
American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine and Charles R. Drew University (CDU) of Medicine and Science are teaming up to create a new admissions pathway for African-Americans and other under-represented minorities to fulfill their dreams of practicing medicine. Under the terms of the June 2019 agreement, CDU postbaccalaureate students who meet admissions requirements would earn preferred acceptance to medical school at AUA and up to $60,000 in scholarships to fund their education.
Featured Articles by Members
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Effect of Stroke Education Pamphlets vs a 12-Minute Culturally Tailored Stroke Film on Stroke Preparedness Among Black and Hispanic Churchgoers
Co-authored with Gbenga Ogedegbe, MD, MPH (with Olajide Williams, MD, MS, Jeanne Teresi, EdD, PhD, Joseph P. Eimicke, MS, Amparo Abel-Bey, MPH, Madeleine Hassankhani, MPH, Lenfis Valdez, MD, Luisa Gomez Chan, MA, Jian Kong, MS, et al.)
In this cluster randomized clinical trial involving 312 at-risk black and Hispanic churchgoers, there was no significant improvement in stroke preparedness of participants exposed to the intervention (culturally tailored 12-minute stroke films) or usual care (conventional stroke education pamphlets) at 12 months. However, subgroup analysis revealed sustained significant improvement among low-education subsamples, favoring the intervention.
Prediction of Cardiovascular Outcomes With Machine Learning Techniques: Application to the Cardiovascular Outcomes in Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions (CORAL) Study
Co-authored by Kenneth Jamerson (with Tian Chen, Pamela Brewster, Katherine R Tuttle, Lance D Dworkin, William Henrich, Barbara A Greco, Michael Steffes, Sheldon Tobe, Karol Pencina, Joseph M Massaro, Ralph B D'Agostino, et al.)
Data derived from the Cardiovascular Outcomes in Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions (CORAL) study were analyzed in an effort to employ machine learning methods to predict the composite endpoint described in the original study. Prediction of a composite cardiovascular outcome was difficult in the CORAL population, even when employing machine learning methods. Assignment to either the stenting or best medical therapy group did not serve as an important predictor of composite outcome.
The Management of Diabetes in Everyday Life (MODEL) Program: Development of a Tailored Text Message Intervention to Improve Diabetes Self-Care Activities Among Underserved African-American Adults
Co-authored by Mary Lou Gutierrez (with Justin Gatwood, Sohul Shuvo, Alan Ross, Carolyn Riordan, Patti Smith, Matilda Coday and James Bailey)
The purpose of this study is to describe a process using input from content experts and lay patient advisors to tailor text messages focused on improving self-care behaviors of African-American adults with diabetes and identify characteristics of messages perceived to be most effective. An initial library of tailorable messages was created using theory-based approaches, expert opinion, and publicly available materials. Based on feedback, messages were revised and a final library of tailorable messages was constructed for use in a text messaging intervention.
Myxedema Heart Disease: A Rare Disease Entity: Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature
Co-authored by Luanda Grazette (with Muhammad Ali Chaudhry and Michael W. Fong)
Myxedema heart disease is an extremely rare disease entity and should be suspected in patients with unexplained heart failure refractory to conventional treatment. Myxedema coma with co- existent heart disease is not well known and very few cases have been reported. Presented is an interesting case of myxedema coma with severe valvular cardiomyopathy followed by a concise review of the literature with special emphasis on epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutic modalities.

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