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Dear ABC Member,

The time spent giving and volunteering embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving.

On behalf of the ABC, we would like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration as we are thankful for all the tremendous blessings we have. We are reminded that an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness is what this day is about. As we contemplate and reminisce about our lives, family, friends and acquaintances, we are compelled to think about those who are no longer present with us. Although we may grieve their loss, as is appropriate, we can quickly turn to the joy and pleasantries they have contributed that truly enriched our lives. Let’s create new traditions that honor them and transform a moment of sadness into joyous recollections. If we truly count our blessings, they will outnumber the tragedies we have encountered. Tears of sadness will become tears of joy. For we know all things work together for good…

We do well when we help others, so if you are inclined or able, feed the homeless, donate to the needy, pray for those who are less fortunate, and it will do well for you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

John M. Fontaine, MD, MBA
Cheryl Pegus, MD, MPH
Board Chair
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