Somebody Stop Me! Post Processing Radiographic Images

Somebody Stop Me! Post Processing Radiographic Images

Digital Radiography brought us many features and most are an improvement from where we were with film. The DR dark side began to show almost immediately upon implementation.


Ultrasound Tip of the Month

"Ultrasound is a great field to be in. With [the field] ever-changing, it always keeps you on your toes and continues to force you to learn about new technology."         David Nye, Senior Territory Manager, Trisonics, Inc "Projected growth in the ultrasound market through 2022 will be fueled by several factors, including an expansion of usage in emerging markets, expansion of new users in areas such as acute care and primary care (including handheld ultrasound), advancements...

The World's Strongest MRI Machines Are Pushing Human Imaging to New Limits

On a cold morning in Minneapolis last December, a man walked into a research center to venture where only pigs had gone before: into the strongest magnetic resonance imaging machine built to scan the human body.

Germany Tries 'Serial Killer' Nurse Over Worst Post-War Spree

German nurse Niels Hoegel, already serving a lengthy term for previous killings, will go on trial before anguished over the murders of around 100 more people — a spree prosecutors say is unprecedented in the post-war period.


Samsung Medison Unveils New Ultrasound Technologies
Axis Imaging

HERA is a new platform, which stands for Hyper-aperture Enhanced Reconstruction Architecture, incorporating Samsung's new Crystal Architecture to provide advanced technology and capabilities with a new level of image quality.

MRI Helium Leak Really Did Bork iPhones and Apple Watches But There's More To The Story
Hot Hardware

One of the most peculiar tech stories that we have reported on in recent memory had to deal with a helium leak involving a newly installed MRI machine at a medical facility.

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