What Would You Do? Cussing at Work

What Would You Do? Cussing at Work

In January we wrote a blog about cussing in the workplace that gained quite a bit of traction with readers on social media. So we decided to dive a little deeper and what we found was that no matter if you are working in the mail room or an operating suite with physicians or in the boardroom with executives, "cussing" happens.


How to Optimize Imaging in the Obese Gravida
Contemporary OB/GYN

Obesity has become and overwhelming epidemic in the United States and contributes an estimated $147 to nearly $210 billion per year in healthcare costs.

'Miracle' Baby Born After Mom Had Her Fallopian Tubes Removed

Elizabeth Kough, a mom of four, said she hugs her newborn son, Benjamin, "a little tighter" because of the miraculous way he came into this world. Nearly four years ago, as a mom of three, she had both of her fallopian tubes removed in a procedure known as a bilateral salpingectomy.


'There's A Lot of Nonsense Out There': Are Mammograms and Dental X-Rays Dangerous?

Thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer in America. Thyroid disease disproportionately affects women; three to one over men. Radiation exposure is a proven risk factor for thyroid cancer. The fatality rate is down in the past 20 years, but the amount of misinformation about thyroid health seems to be on the rise.

Breast MRI in Cancer Survivors Results in More Unneeded Biopsies
Health Imaging

Adding MRI to mammography screening for breast cancer detects more cancers, but results in more unnecessary biopsies, according to a June 4 study published in Radiology.

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