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Mortuary Science Minutes
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CCMS — A Year in Transition

Gene Kramer
Gene Kramer

I am honored and pleased to serve as the president of an institution with such an amazing and unique history.
Well it has been just over one year and the learning curve has been very steep and amazing, but not as amazing as the support that was received from CCMS alumni, board, faculty, staff and energetic students. To think a year ago the college had failed an audit, was looking at cash flow issues, failed to convert to semesters, had accreditation issues, canceled a spring cohort class, was in debt over $590,000, needed major HVAC repair and was looking for a way to stay in business.

Today those issues are behind CCMS.

CCMS has had two successful audits, the cash flow issues have been resolved, we will complete the semester transition by December, NBE test scores improved, we are on track for enrolling two cohort classes (January and August), the debt has been reduced to less than $370,000, the HVAC systems have had major repairs and the business outlook is very positive. This could not have been done without the support of the board, the hard work of the faculty and staff, the generosity of the alumni and the success of our students.

As the president of CCMS, I would like to extend my thanks to those who have taken hold of the real vision of CCMS, "The Best College for Mortuary Science."


Overall improvement through transition and transparency

CCMS has been committed in structuring an administrative staff that is vested in its mission and success. The college has also concentrated on improved relations with current/prospective students, as well as with the alumni. This commitment has resulted in dramatic improvements in overall student satisfaction, alumni correspondence and financial accountability through implementation of evaluation and monitoring processes.

2013 saw the addition of two instructors upon the retirement of David Tackett and Joe Main, two long standing Faculty whom many of us have known and respected for decades. We were amazed at the overwhelming number of candidates inquiring to fill these positions. After months of consideration, CCMS is pleased to welcome Melissa Kloss and John Vinnedge to the CCMS family.

We extend our very best to David and Joe and thank them for their dedication and contribution, knowing they will indirectly continue as part of the college's history.

The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education
Standing Strong Through Membership

The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education wishes to thank the members for their support in 2013! In 2013, about 400 members supported the foundation through their annual membership dues. With nearly 7,000 alumni, we know we can increase member support! Membership is also strong through the commitment and contributions of nearly 200 life members as well. Again, thank you!

Membership dues and contributions are designated to the Foundation's Endowment Fund to support CCMS and its students through educational needs, technology and scholarship opportunities. Our 2014 membership goal is to double this year, so please support your alma mater by joining the Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education in 2014! If you have not had the opportunity to join, now is the time! Please visit www.ccms.edu or contact Beth Williams at 513.761.2020 and alumni@ccms.edu.

CCMS hosted annual Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education meeting on May 8

The CFME 2014 Annual Meeting of the members was held on May 8 at the college. If you were not in attendance, we extend an ongoing invitation for membership in the foundation and attendance at the annual member's meeting. Membership dues remain affordable at $100 annually, and its not too late to join for 2014!.

Last year's annual meeting was held May 14, 2013, at the college. Due to transitions, we extend apologies to all of our CCMS alumni and foundation members for 2013 notices which may have arrived close to or after the 2013 scheduled meeting date. Alumni should have received this year's notice by mail in mid-April. If you did not receive it, we may need to update your contact information. Please feel free to email ewilliams@ccms.edu, call 513-761-2020 or visit the www.ccms.edu homepage where Alumni may take advantage of free online registration through the "Alumni Directory" link.

2014 CCMS Alumni Directory available for pre-order!

The hardbound Alumni Directory is published every five years and is now available for pre-order. Contact:

Alumni Research, Inc.
3333 US Hwy 19 #3
Holiday, FL, 34690

CCMS hosting NFDA's certified crematory operator seminar August 6
(Continuing Education Units = 7 hours)

The program is open to licensed and non-licensed professionals, including students, within the United States seeking certification in crematory operations. To learn more about the program and state training requirements, visit www.nfda.org/cco or www.ccms.edu.

Presenters: Mike Nicodemus and Mike Watkins
Date: Wednesday, August 6
Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (1 hr. lunch break with food provided)
In Person Registration: 7:30 a.m. (prior to seminar)
Availability: 70 openings on first come basis

Seminar Location: CCMS 645 W. North Bend Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45224
Cost: $295 Student, $395 NFDA Members, $595 Nonmember Funeral Director

To reserve your spot, please contact Beth Williams at (513) 761-2020 or ewilliams@ccms.edu.

Working hard to fundraise for our nonprofit

2013 Fundraisers
May – Annual Foundation Membership Drive
September – 1st Annual Raffle Fundraiser "Welcome Home"

2014 Fundraisers
May – Annual Foundation Membership Drive (still accepting dues!)
May - Bowling Fundraiser "Play It Forward"
September – 2nd Annual Raffle Fundraiser (upcoming!)

We have been working hard organizing fundraiser events to strengthen the endowment, fund student scholarships, reduce the debt, repair structural issues and update technology. Our 2013-2014 fundraising goals weren't quite met. However, the college was able to begin the first phase of necessary and costly repairs to the college's HVAC system. We hope to get closer to our 2014-2015 fundraising goals and begin the second phase of repairs, as well as begin other important projects.

Contact us at (513) 761-2020 for upcoming fundraising events or to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for your past and future donations to support learning!

Donations are a large part of our foundation and college funding. As we all know, learning materials, instruments, technology, vehicles, etc. all have a "shelf life" and need to be replaced periodically. The faculty, staff and student body wishes to express our sincere appreciation to all who support us through donations of products (new and used), services and money. Every single donation, however big or small, makes a difference!

Thank you to our friends & alumni for donating the following in 2014:

1999 Cadillac Hearse – Mike Ryan, Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Homes
Late 1800's CCE Memorabilia – Mike Ryan, Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Homes
Autoclave – Ben Zimmerman, student
30 Dodge rubber head blocks – anonymous donor
Ferno oversize removal cot – anonymous donor
Two hydro-aspirators – anonymous donor
Two hypo-valve trocar instruments – anonymous donor
Removal cot cover – anonymous donor

If you would like to support the college through a donation of products, services or money, please contact us at ewilliams@ccms.edu.

If you have new, pre-owned or extra instruments, equipment, sundries, hosing, etc. lying around your firm that might benefit our students' clinical and applications learning, please consider donating. The following are a few items we are (always) in need of:

Clinical instruments (arterial/drain tubes, aneurysm hooks, suture needles, injectors, trocars, syringes, etc.)
Plastics, ligature, positioning blocks
Hosing, towels, sheets

Recycle unused items by donating to the CCMS RA Lab
Students would greatly appreciate donations of eyeglasses, wigs, cosmetics and applicator brushes which may have accumulated over time. These are items students use in restorative art as they construct their wax armatures. Here are some recent graduate depictions.
Likeness of Adele
Likeness of Ernest Hemingway

Area funeral home hosts film production crew

The movie production "Ragamuffin" was partially filmed inside Gilligan Funeral Home here in Cincinnati. It is exciting to see CCMS alumni Matthew Rost and 2013 CCMS graduate Kimberly Skimmerhorn play roles as extras (mourners) in this exclusive Walmart film. See our alumni make their movie debut here. View the movie trailer here.

For the people, by the people
CCMS stands strong in its commitment through transparency

Many of our alumni have asked about the stability and financial position of the college. Some ask if CCMS continues to sustain independently. Some ask about the administrative restructuring. These were/are all good questions and we are eager to answer them candidly.

We are committed to those who have a vested interest in the success of CCMS, from students and alumni to the professional community collectively. Your voice is strong, whether offering support, suggestions, concerns or questions.

To facilitate our commitment to communication and transparency, sharing your thoughts, suggestions or questions at ewilliams@ccms.edu.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to you personally via the provided link. Those who wish to remain anonymous may submit a comment or question by mail.

645 W. North Bend Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

Civil War-era church pew donated to CCMS

CCMS extends a sincere thank you to CCMS student Cody Kindoll and his aunt, Helen Brandenburg, for their donation of a Civil War era church pew! The pew was installed in 1867 at the First Presbyterian Church in Covington, Kentucky, and was removed when the church remodeled in the early 2000s. Helen, a resident of Covington, purchased the pew from a member of the church in 2011 and used it as part of her living room décor.

The pew has been placed in a classroom that is used to practice mock visitations for our Funeral Service Applications course. We appreciate Cody's and Helen's generous donation!

CCMS awarded Commonwealth of Kentucky courtesy cards

All licensed clinical faculty are now Commonwealth of Kentucky courtesy card holders allowing transfer of remains from Kentucky to Ohio.


CCMS Library: The revised edition
By Molly Jones

The CCMS library is currently undergoing a redesign in order to provide students with a pleasant environment conducive to learning. A new computer lab has been created in close proximity to the librarian's office to facilitate interaction between the librarian and students. The full-time librarian is available to assist students, faculty and staff with reference, research and technology. In addition to the computer lab, students have a designated silent room designed specifically for studying, research and homework. This room also houses CCMS's collection of Mortuary Science books, journals and videos.

In December 2012, CCMS was awarded a grant from the Funeral Service Foundation to purchase 10 state-of-the-art touchscreen computers for student use. In addition to providing students with modern technology needed to complete their class assignments, the new computers are equipped with the Mortician Assessment Testing Simulator (MATS) program. MATS simulates the National Board Exam (NBE) and provides an avenue for students to practice both the arts and sciences sections of the test as often as they'd like in preparation for the NBE. Because passing both sections of the NBE is a requirement for professional licensure in Ohio, the MATS Program is an important resource CCMS provides its students. Since students have begun using the program, CCMS's NBE pass rate has improved significantly. CCMS also makes the MATS program available to individuals who might benefit from practice testing prior to taking the NBE or Ohio Laws exam for reciprocation or license reinstatement.

CCMS has also recently adopted a new online student information system which benefits the students in many ways. Via Populi, students are now able to register for classes online, participate in class discussions, access grades, see financial aid awards, pay tuition, search the library catalog and checkout library materials. Students can access their Populi account on their smartphone or any computer with an internet connection. Although newly implemented, Populi has already streamlined student billing, course registration and the ability to access course content.

Transition to Semesters: Ensuring a seamless transfer for new students
By Teresa Dutko

CCMS is in the process of converting its academic calendar from quarter terms to semesters. The last quarter class enrolled in fall 2013, and the first semester class enrolled in January 2014. Given that all public colleges and universities in Ohio are now on semesters, this change allows CCMS to better align its calendar with the institutions from which many of our students transfer. Our goal is to provide a more seamless transition for students from their general education coursework to the program at CCMS.

This conversion has not extended the length of time students spend at CCMS. The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is still a 12-month program, divided into three semesters rather than four quarters. To complete the Bachelor of Mortuary Science (B.M.S.) degree, students take an additional fourth semester and still complete in 15 months. The College will continue to enroll two classes per year – fall enrollment in August and spring enrollment in January.

Everyone at CCMS has worked diligently over the last year to make this transition a reality. The curriculum has been carefully restructured by the faculty so that all required American Board of Funeral Service Education content is still being delivered, thereby ensuring students are well-prepared for the National Board Examination at the conclusion of the A.A.S. program.

Having 'The Talk' With Future Funeral Service Professionals: Encouraging advance funeral planning preparation
By Melissa Kloss, CFSP

For those of us who work in the industry, seeing death on a day-to-day basis often times makes us grapple with our own mortality. Only a few other select industries, arguably, see death as much as we do – medical professionals, caregivers or possibly those in public service. For the rest of the population, death is not subject they may ponder day-to-day. Only when a death occurs and there has been no dialogue regarding the individual's wishes are there many questions left unanswered. One of our many important roles as a funeral director is to encourage "the talk" with the families we serve. Our dialogue with families and educate them on their options, not only in at-need situations, but rather before the death occurs. Half of the battle is just getting families to initiate that discussion and record their wishes. What better way for funeral service students to practice the value of getting those thoughts on paper than to practice doing this with themselves!

Advance Funeral Planning (AFP) is a course offered here at CCMS that allows future practitioners to learn about components of preneed program at a funeral home through different types of AFP programs. We discuss demographics of families we serve, types of services options and address ways to overcome hesitation within this realm of funeral service. Throughout the class, we talk about various funding avenues, including insurance and trust options, ethics regarding Medicaid spend-downs and the importance of building strong AFP programs. Students have several guest speakers to allow students to expand their knowledge regarding the different approaches to both funding avenues and types of AFP planning programs.

The course emphasizes how being heavily involved their own community organizations, and funeral home outreach, can affect their overall AFP business. In addition, preplanning and getting their own thoughts on paper, including completion of a cost estimate worksheet and memorial record guide, the students will also work on preneed business models. Also addressing today's complexities with technology will allow students to design their own print Advanced Funeral Planning packet for their "future" funeral homes, as well as ideas for funeral home websites. As we all know, the death rate is 100 percent, and this class encourages CCMS students to develop social, technological and business skills needed to capture the market in their area to make their AFP program a success!

CCMS Clinical Lab: How funeral homes and licensed directors can support student learning
By Wanda Lee

The CCMS Clinical Lab offers our students the opportunity to apply their knowledge, increase their confidence, and improve their embalming technique. Funeral homes can contribute to student learning in a variety of ways. First, by remembering that we provide a working prep room under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty funeral homes can choose to allow us to assist them in the care they provide families through embalming and restorative services. Secondly, licensed directors can express an interest in serving as an occasional adjunct instructor in the clinical lab. Finally, licensed directors can serve as student mentors by visiting our clinical lab during regularly scheduled lab days. By sharing your experience and expertise in the area of embalming, cosmetic application and restoration our students benefit as they prepare to move into apprenticeships all over the country. Mentors are invaluable at supporting classroom theory while offering alternative viewpoints, techniques and tips of the trade.

If you are interested in receiving an updated copy of our 2014 clinical lab price list along with our hours and dates of operation we encourage you to make a request for that information. If you are interested in serving as an adjunct clinical instructor or visiting our lab as a student mentor please contact Wanda Lee, Faculty Member & Clinical Director at wlee@ccms.edu. Wanda can also be reached by calling 513-618-1932 (office) or 765-265-2502 (cell).

Did you know these fun facts about CCMS?
By Beth Williams

The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is the oldest private, nonprofit college of mortuary science in the nation, est. in 1882. How many of the fun facts listed below did you know?

  • CCMS has built an alumnus of nearly 7,000 since 1882.

  • CCMS is the only private mortuary college in the nation regionally accredited (North Central Association) at the Bachelor Degree level.

  • CCMS serves the University of Cincinnati Medical School Body Donation program and works with the Ohio Valley Tissue and Skin Center as well as other national transplant agencies (UNOS, AATB, NATCO) to offer instruction in funeral service restoration procedures.

  • In excess of 20 books (and countless publications) have been authored by CCMS faculty. Several of the textbooks continue to be published by CCMS and used nationally as the standard text in college-level instruction to this day:

       a. Mortuary Law (authored by Tom Stueve in 1940, former CCMS faculty, the book is currently in its 11th edition, T. Scott Gilligan).

       b. Thanatochemistry (co-authored by James Dorn in 1985, faculty member 1966-2010, 1966 alumni).

       c. Funeral Service Merchandising (authored by Phillip DeArmond, former CCMS faculty member)

       d. Pathology and Microbiology for Mortuary Science (authored by Dr. David Mullins, 1994 alumni).

  • The leather arm strap positional was created and patented by Mr. L.A. McKethen "Les," a 1935 CCMS alumni.

  • Joseph Clarke, founder, obtained several patents throughout his life. Two of his inventions which pertained to embalming, included the Chin Rest (U.S. # US 324083 A) and the Arm Rest (U.S. # 329140 A), both in the year 1885.

  • In 1912, it was the research of Joel Crandall which led to the development of restoration techniques and wax which continue to be widely used by mortuary science students and professionals. His contribution to the CCMS arts curriculum continues to be honored through the Joel E. Crandall Award, for the student displaying the most artistic competence.

  • In 2004, National Geographic Television visited CCMS and filmed for a program that aired in the fall of that year about a cross-cultural look at death and dying in three different countries.

  • In 2002, CCMS was featured as a national leader and education innovator in the television series, American Business Review, hosted by CBS News.

  • The NFDA was founded in the same year as Clarke School of Embalming (CCMS), 1882. Licensing for embalmers began in 1889.

  • In 2014, CCMS enrolled its first semester. The college took the initiative to transition from a quarter term structure to semesters. Although not required, the difficult process was completed to benefit incoming students so they could easily transfer in from any other regionally accredited educational institute.
    What's In This Issue?
  • CCMS — A Year in Transition

  • Overall improvement through transition and transparency

  • The Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education

  • CCMS hosted annual Cincinnati Foundation for Mortuary Education meeting on May 8

  • 2014 CCMS Alumni Directory available for pre-order!

  • CCMS hosting NFDA's certified crematory operator seminar August 6

  • Working hard to fundraise for our nonprofit

  • Thank you for your past and future donations to support learning!

  • Area funeral home hosts film production crew

  • Civil War-era church pew donated to CCMS

  • For the people, by the people

  • CCMS awarded Commonwealth of Kentucky courtesy cards

  • Featured Contributors

  • CCMS Library: The revised edition

  • Transition to Semesters: Ensuring a seamless transfer for new students

  • Having 'The Talk' With Future Funeral Service Professionals: Encouraging advance funeral planning preparation

  • CCMS Clinical Lab: How funeral homes and licensed directors can support student learning

  • Did you know these fun facts about CCMS?

  • Staff & Students

  • Board of Trustees

  • CCMS Staff

  • CCMS Faculty

  • Adjunct Faculty

  • 2012 CCMS Graduates

  • 2013 CCMS Graduates

  • Scholarship Recipients

  • Award Recipients

  • Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
    Board of Trustees
    John Gay – Chair
    David Kolbe – Vice Chair
    Frank Rosenacker – Treasurer
    Jan Borgman – Secretary
    Kathleen Berry – Trustee
    Bill Peoples - Trustee
    Mark Merz - Trustee
    Dennis Stanley - Trustee
    Bill Smith - Trustee
    Arlene Lawrence - Trustee
    Nicole Wiedeman - Trustee
    CCMS Staff
    Visit www.ccms.edu for Staff Bios
    Gene Kramer
    Gene Kramer
    Leslie Boehm
    Leslie Boehm
    Bursar/Business Manager
    Dr. Blanche Kabengele
    Dr. Blanche Kabengele
    Admissions Director/Registrar
    Beth Williams
    Beth Williams
    Administration Coordinator &
    Student/Alumni Relations
    Molly Jones
    Molly Jones
    Director of Library &
    Information Technology
    Pamela Donlon
    Pamela Donlon
    Enrollment Coordinator
    CCMS Faculty
    Visit www.ccms.edu for Staff Bios
    Teresa Dutko
    Teresa Dutko
    Wanda Lee
    Wanda Lee
    Faculty/Clinical Director
    Melissa Kloss
    Melissa Kloss
    John Vinnedge
    John Vinnedge
    Adjunct Faculty
    (not pictured)
    Adam Kallmeyer
    Mark Ivey
    Keith Hughes
    Holly Sauerbrunn
    Bob Campbell
    Marty Molony
    Tim Schmidt
    Joe Getts
    Mike Gedert
    Bob Shank

    2012 CCMS Graduates
    Angle, Megan; Bayliff, Leighann; Brown, Samantha; Broxterman, Cambridge; Carmack, Jacob; Carroll, Pat; Chapman, Dustin; Chapman, Garrett; Chism, Shelby; Coffman, Melinda; Cook, Aaron, Cooper, Katie; Dauber, Katie; Daup, Kelly; Duckworth, Melanie; Fichter, Carli; Gist, Margaret; Graves, Derek; Haddix, James; Harris, Dana; Harrison, Kala; Harvey, Sarah; Hellmann, Kristin; Kaucher, Meredith; Kennedy, Matthew Lewis Davis, Meghan; McCurdy, Shaun; McElroy, E.; Minch, Cody; Moore, Victoria; O’Connor, Elizabeth; Oddo, Matthew; Parker, Allison; Ramsey, Jocelynn; Sauer, Jessica; Scherer, Hayley; Schnipke, Dean; Sheppard, Artena; Sims, Trent; Thirey, Alison; Varney, William; Vinnedge II, John; Wainscott, Jill; Willen, Lindsey; Wilson, Kathryn
    2013 CCMS Graduates
    Anderson, Tracie; Auchstetter, Angela; Birkenhauer (Mason), Laura; Blankenship, Victor; Boone, Brian; Bramel, Ashlee; Brandon, Jonathan; Bressert, Heather; Buckingham, Ashley; Caradonna, Kimberlynn; Carey, Mitchell; Cole, Shaniqua; Cook, Rachel; Dobrozsi, Evan; Drake, Lynnia; Drobney, Pierce; Fickle, Matthew; Frank, Cole; Hall, Kristina; Hampton, Ashleigh; Harper, Chad; Harrison, Paula; Haynes, Anita; Henry, Martha; Idle, Chloe; Ivins, Dana; Kaser, Darcie; Kelly, Cheryl; Kennard, Kirk; Landers, Derek; Maclennan, Lindsey; Maham, Sarah; May, Keith; Mays, Krystal; Meeker, Ryan; Milburn, Chase; O’Brien, Tyler; Ostheimer, Ashley; Pavelka, Adrienne; Paver, Cody; Pierre, Nickolas; Pirnstill, Conner; Pitts-Mancinnetti, Nicole; Precht, Michael; Reeves, Jessica; Rhoden, Randy; Rinck, Tiffany; Scalf, Ben; Schroeder, Jenna; Sever, Rosalynn; Shafer, Shelby; Shaver, Drew; Shelley, Chrissa; Sherwood, Kyle; Siefke, Andrea; Skimmerhorn, Kimberly; Skrzynecki, Brendan; Smith, Demi; Smith, Gwendolyn; Smith, Heather; Snapp, Lucas; Sparks, Mandy; Speth, Christian; Stanley, Hope; Temple, Ashley; Upchurch, Kimberly; Vuicich, Gina; Waits, Brittany; Walter, Regina; Watson, Cory; Weir, Aubrey; Werner, Joshua; Wiese, Kia

    Scholarship Recipients
    SCI Scholarship
    2013 Recipient: Ashleigh Hampton

    2014 Recipients: Kurt Sammons, Elizabeth Morgan

    Christian Chambers Mortuary Science Scholarship
    2014 Recipient: Arielle Fouts

    The 100 Black Women of Funeral Service Scholarship
    2013 Recipient: Shaniqua Cole, Aubrey Weir

    Executive Women's International Scholarship
    2013 Recipient: Hope Stanley

    CCMS Scholarships
    2013 Recipients: Angela Auchstetter, Kimberly Upchurch, Shaniqua Cole, Aubrey Weir

    2014 Recipients: Jessica Castells, Michell Schindeler, Cody Kindoll, Joshua Martin, Anabel Gilbert

    Award Recipients
    The Nunnamaker Memorial Award
    This award is presented to recognize the individual with the highest class standing among those who have completed all 75 quarter hours at CCMS.

    2012 Recipients: Becky Frederick, Matt Kennedy, Trent Sims, Hayley Scherer, Melinda Coffman, Sarah Harvey

    2013 Recipients: Drew Shaver, Kirk Kennard

    This award is also intended to recognize outstanding academic achievement. Dr. Sleichter served on the CCMS faculty for over 45 years, and was a former director of CCMS. This award is presented to recognize the individual with the second highest class standing among those who have completed all 75 quarter hours at CCMS.

    2012 Recipients: Nick Hall, John Vinnedge

    2013 Recipients: Tyler O'Brien, Shelby Shafer

    This award is in memory of Charles O. Dhonau, who was a pioneer in the field of modern embalming, and was a former President of CCMS. This award, which consists of a plaque and a $100 cash, is granted to the student who has displayed the highest competence in both embalming theory and clinical application, as evaluated by the Department of Embalming.

    2012 Recipients: Matt Kennedy, Melinda Coffman

    2013 Recipients: Kirk Kennard, Shelby Shafer

    This award honors Lester W. Wakeham, and consists of a plaque and $50 cash. It is presented to the student who is an Ohio resident and deserves special recognition for achievement in the combined theory and practice of embalming.

    2012 Recipients: William Varney, Blake McElroy

    2013 Recipients: Christian Speth, Cole Frank

    This award is given in memory of Arthur J. Russler, who for many years was a dedicated instructor at CCMS. It is awarded to the student who has displayed the highest competence in the clinical setting as evaluated by the clinical faculty.

    2012 Recipients: Aaron Cook, Chris Cummins

    2013 Recipients: Laura Mason, Chase Milburn

    The Harold W. Wittmeyer Award
    This award will be presented in memory of Harold W. Wittmeyer, a 1944 graduate as well as a former instructor who taught the applied embalming course and in the clinical embalming lab. He was also a Past President of our Board and was the former owner of Schaefer-Busby Funeral Home in Cincinnati. This award has been named after Mr. Wittmeyer in honor of his contributions and life long-long support of the college. And, now to explain the premise for this award: Students entering CCMS arrive with varying degrees of experience in the clinical setting. Many begin clinical lab with little or no experience but leave quite proficient at embalming. In recognition of this accomplishment, the clinical faculty would like to honor this exceptional advancement in the art of embalming.

    2012 Recipients: Maggie Gist, Pat Carroll

    2013 Recipients: Heather Bressert, Ryan Meeker

    I would like to take this time to recognize those individuals that were the clinical faculty’s assistants. We cannot begin to describe how crazy it gets in the lab. It is the lab assistants who are the crucial link in holding the lab together day in and day out. We truly appreciate their efforts. The extra time they have devoted to the lab is duly noted. We hope they also have received valuable experience during their tenure in the position.

    2012 Recipients: John Sennhenn, Alison Thirey, Leighann Bayliff, Melinda Coffman

    2013 Recipients: Jonathan Brandon, Kia Wiese, Heather Bresert, Tyler O'Brien

    The James C. Lyerly Award is presented by the Lyerly funeral Home in Salisbury, N.C., in memory of James Lyerly. Mr. Lyerly was a 1948 graduate of CCMS and always held high regard for the college. After graduation from Catawba College and service with the U.S. Marines in World War II, he attended CCMS. In 1957, he started the Lyerly Funeral Home and was owner of that firm until his unexpected death in 1987. At that time he was president/elect of the N.C. Funeral Directors Association. The award is presented to the student who displays scholastic achievement and potential for outstanding business and management skills. The award consists of a plaque and $150 cash.

    2012 Recipients: Trent Sims, Allison Parker

    2013 Recipients: Keith May, Drew Shaver

    This award is presented in memory of Ivan P. Bowsher who established the art of facial restoration as part of the standard CCMS curriculum. This award goes to the student who not only maintained one of the highest course grades in the Restorative Art class, but also demonstrated a high degree of skill in the art of restoration in the Restorative Art lab.

    2012 Recipients: Adam Stratton, Shelby Chism

    2013 Recipients: Tyler O’Brien, Anita Haynes

    This award is given by CCMS in memory of Joel E. Crandall, who is credited as being the founder of Restorative Art. Crandall researched techniques, developed special waxes and cosmetics, and educated funeral directors and embalmers through continuing education and published articles. His efforts established Restorative Art as an important part of the embalming process. Restorative Art courses continue to be a valuable part of the CCMS curriculum. The award is made to the member of the graduating class whose artistic competence in Restorative Art warrants special recognition.

    2013 Recipients: Kimberly Skimmerhorn, Shaniqua Cole, Heather Bressert

    This award is presented in recognition of outstanding potential for excellence in ethical and compassionate service, community relations, and personal and professional development, in accordance with the highest standards of funeral service.

    2012 Recipients: Matt Kennedy, Shelby Chism

    2013 Recipients: Ashlee Bramel, Martha Henry

    The OFDA Leadership Award is presented by the Ohio Funeral Directors Association in recognition of student display of exemplary leadership qualities and abilities. This candidate has shown ambition, drive, responsibility and “progress-oriented” thinking through their time at CCMS. The student’s name will be added to the master plaque displayed at the college and $500 educational grant.

    2012 Recipients: Karen Sharpe, Pat Carroll

    2013 Recipients: Cheryl Kelly, Jonathan Brandon

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