In Color
Feb. 4, 2014

The state of thermal transfer and digital printing
Before the digital method was developed, heat transfers had to be produced either by screen process with limited quality, or by gravure and solvent inks, which offer high quality but the cost of creating the print cylinders means that only very long runs are feasible. Digital printing of transfers allows variations within a run, so branded items can be produced with the names of individual stores, bars or restaurants, or sports events, for instance.More

Hard drives still thrive in a mixed-media environment
IT Business Edge
For all the ink that myself and others devote to the increased use of solid state storage in the enterprise, the fact is that mechanical disk technology is still in demand and will likely play limited but crucial roles in the enterprise for a while longer. If anything, expect future hard disk drives to be larger, faster and more manageable — particularly when it comes to power consumption.More

Is print dead? Here's 1 publisher who says no
Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu recaps her interview with Meredith Corp. Chairman and CEO Stephen Lacy on the health of the print magazine business as the company starts a new magazine based on its recipe website. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." More

Why the head of mega-publisher Penguin Random House is a man with a mission
The Globe and Mail
Markus Dohle, the CEO of the newly merged Penguin Random House, looks like a cross between Aaron Eckhart and Jon Hamm. Which is also to say that he looks like a politician, a fitting resemblance as he commences his latest campaign, traveling the world to the many offices of Penguin and Random House as part of an effort toward, as he says, "transparency and connection and communication" within the new company. He is the most powerful publishing figure on the planet, but for now, all he wants to do is talk.More

10 years of commercial printing process shifts
Earlier this year, the Commerce Department issued its report "Annual Survey of Manufactures." It is intended to provide industry data for the years where there is no economic census. The 2007 census is woefully out of date, probably more than any other census in my lifetime, with the great volatility of the financial crisis on top of all of the technological changes since that year. Social media had barely started in 2007, and the broad adoption of tablets and smartphones were basically just ideas understood by computer geeks and early adopters.More


At Gray, we are active participants in the green movement. We strive to sustain our natural resources, limit our carbon footprint and help our clients to do the same. To that end, we offer a host of options and policies to help you green your business and projects. Gray Graphics is a leader in providing environmentally responsible printing services.More