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Better ideas for warehouse construction
By Ken Ackerman
A quiet revolution has been growing in the construction of warehouse buildings. While the price of other products and services has steadily escalated, the cost of warehouse construction has remained relatively stable. As you look at new construction, consider where the priorities for controlling quality should be placed. The most important component in any warehouse building is the floor. If extremely bad, a defective floor can result in the need to tear down the building. In less extreme cases, bad floors typically stay bad for the whole life of the building.
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  The robots are coming, part II
Modern Materials Handling
Bob Trebilcock writes: "Robotics is one of the most exciting emerging technologies in the materials handling industry. Over three blogs (Part I, Part II, Part III), I'll take a look at the development of a new mobile piece picking robot by a start-up with roots at Carnegie Mellon, and a pilot test at a pharmaceutical and medical supplies distribution facility. The columns aren't meant to be an endorsement of any one company or its solution, but a look at one project.
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Basics of benchmarking for warehouse operations
By Ken Ackerman
Just what is benchmarking? When, why and how might it be used? When should it be not even considered? And what are the alternatives to benchmarking? We would define benchmarking in warehousing as an examination of best practices in other warehouses, ideas that can and should be applied in your own operation. After considering what benchmarking is, we must also consider what it is not. Benchmarking is not a mechanism for determining resource reductions. Furthermore, it is neither a panacea nor a cookbook process.
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5 criteria for selecting warehouse devices and gaining efficiency
Multichannel Merchant
Implementing new handheld devices in your warehouse is a daunting and costly endeavor. Equipping each vehicle with the necessary devices can put a dent in your budget and managing thousands of pallets and accessing their locations on demand requires optimum efficiency. Harsh environmental conditions can slash your tech's life span. But maintaining a high level of productivity — and keeping your sanity intact — starts with smooth and efficient operations in your warehouse.

Keep track of your precious cargo: Tips for inventory management
Business 2 Community
Accurately managing inventory is an important function for a small business to ensure that the products customers want are available when they want them, and to provide the level of service that makes customers want to buy again. But, carrying inventory presents costs and ties up cash you might want to invest in equally pressing business matters. Here are three tips for how to manage inventory in such a way that ensures customers have a positive experience with your business, without putting unnecessary strains on your cash flow.

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