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Want to adopt a proactive approach to disruption? Here's how.
Soon, Amazon won't have to worry about accusations that the company treats its warehouse workers like robots. That's because those workers will be robots. In Japan, startups are working on autonomous robots that can unload shipping containers and run a warehouse without human direction or intervention. If and when this human-less warehouse comes to fruition, supply chains worldwide will reel from the disruption.



  Retail real estate finds new life as warehouse space
Supply Chain DIVE
Since 2016, developers have started 24 projects across the country to convert former retail space into warehousing, according to an analysis by CBRE. This transition is, in part, being driven by changes in the way people shop. If these brick-and-mortar stores don't bring in enough business then they're forced to shutter, leaving their land and building vacant.


  How to manage warehouse inventory and drive efficiency across the supply chain
Supply Chain 24/7
Omni-channel logistical success is predicated on a number of factors, one of the most important being warehouse inventory management. Inventory management in warehouses requires more than just organizing products: It requires the right alignment of network strategy, facility and process engineering, and technology systems that create inventory visibility and accuracy.


  Distribution centers keep getting taller, requiring new construction techniques
Supply Chain Digest
It no secret distribution centers are getting taller, to provide more effective space for a given square footage of ground real estate used. In late December, for example, research showed that new U.S. DCs on average had a "clear height" of about 32 feet, up from 28 feet 6 inches about 10 years ago.


  Citizens Reserve is building a supply chain platform on the blockchain
Citizens Reserve, a Bay Area startup, has a broad goal of digitizing the supply chain. Last fall, the company launched the Alpha version of Suku, a Supply Chain as a Service platform built on the blockchain. Last month, it announced a partnership with Smartrac, an RFID tag manufacturer, based in Amsterdam, as a key identity piece for the platform.



  Fire fast, even in an employee market
MultiBriefs Exclusive
Pay is up. Jobs are increasing. And the opportunities of the gig economy continue to unsettle traditional job paths. None of this changes the fact that it is better for culture, retention and the bottom line to fire fast. But how do we balance the imperative to fire fast with the more basic need to have staff? Here are a few tips on how to fire fast, even in an employee market.



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