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Delivering unexpected options: Can Amazon win the logistics game?
By Delany Martinez
When a business needs to send a package, it has a familiar suite of options: USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. These companies all have at least a few decades under their delivery belt — the youngest, FedEx, is coming up on its 47th birthday. With that sort of history, it's little wonder that companies hesitate to stray from the big four when it comes to shipments.



  Evolution of E-commerce: The possibilities of tomorrow
Logistics Management
The rapid growth of e-commerce is driving deep changes in logistics, from tightening up trucking capacity to elevating the importance of final-mile delivery processes. To respond, logistics managers now need to think in terms of systems that they can leverage today to make processes more efficient, while also keeping an eye on longer-term developments that will reshape tomorrow’s possibilities.


  A self-correcting supply chain on the horizon
By Delany Martinez
While logistics can answer many burning industry questions, figuring out why the chicken crossed the road isn't usually one of them. However, as Yum Brands recently found out in the UK, it's an important one.


  Why you should get your supply chain in the cloud
Supply Chain Dive
It's no secret that cloud based computing is becoming more prevalent across a wide array of industries. Forrester research projects that revenues from cloud computing will grow by more than $241 billion through 2020. This race to the cloud has been fueled by strategic value and bottom-line cost savings.


  NextGen supply chain at DHL
Modern Materials Handling
If Modex 2018, the biannual materials handling trade event in Atlanta, is anything like years past, some of the best-attended booths will be from companies exhibiting technologies that will power distribution centers in the next generation supply chain. Those will be the booths with the latest in robotic mobile and piece picking solutions, virtual reality and heads-up displays such as Google Glass.



  7 tips for better inventory management
Manufacturing Business Technology
Inventory control is one of the most important requirements for manufacturers and distributors, especially in a changing landscape where pen and paper record keeping has become obsolete as we all respond to digital transformation. Businesses today should fully utilize the technology solutions available that can help them compete, grow, and thrive well into the future.



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