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Making your warehouse more effective
By Ken Ackerman
So much has been written on the subject of warehouse productivity improvement that one is tempted to believe nothing else needs to be said. Yet in our constantly-changing environment, we must look at new ideas from the present decade, as well as recycled ideas from the past. Certain things about warehousing do not change, at least not rapidly.
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  The costs of holding inventory in the paper industry
By Jeff Ell
When working with our customers, we've noticed that the concern about how to handle inventory is often spoken about at the last minute before things are final. We have also found inventory holding costs are often misunderstood by a wide margin in the paper industry. A number of cost drivers come into play in holding inventory — and, sometimes even more importantly, in not having enough inventory on hand.
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Linking new product development and production through lean
Supply Chain Digest
"Why do you want to go there? Why waste time going to the plant floor when we are supposed to be assessing product development capability?" One of the best ways to learn about a company's product development capability is simply to walk through their manufacturing operations. Take a walk, what do you see? Large re-work areas, lots of quality containment, workers who must be contortionists, trapped labor, poor fit and finish and lots and lots of variability? Chances are pretty good that there are opportunities in product and process development.
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7 ways 3PLs support warehousing and distribution
Modern Materials Handling
As the companies that manage the logistics operations of a variety of facilities, third-party logistics providers have come a long way since their inception in the 1970s. In response to demand, for example, 3PLs expanded their services to not only include end-to-end logistics coordination and management, but also technology integration (such as transportation management systems and warehouse management systems), global shipping functions as well as warehousing/distribution support.

4 steps to great truckload and LTL rates
Logistics Management
Mike Regan writes: "Shippers keep telling me they are absolutely shocked by the rate increases their LTL carriers are proposing. Here's an example from just last week. A dismayed shipper called me when one of the big LTL carriers 'demanded' — his words — a 25 percent increase. When the shipper balked and complained, the carrier basically said: 'Take it or leave it.' So the shipper is now looking to replace a core carrier that handles a sizeable amount of their freight.

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