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Don't forget the service aspect of warehousing
By Ken Ackerman
Because warehousing is essentially a service business, the nurturing of relationships is at the heart of success in this industry. We will explore examples of both the good and the bad, and each will remain anonymous. How many examples can you find of service companies that have forgotten the meaning of service? Think about your contacts with airlines, banks, your favorite retailer or others. How many of the people you talk with display a sincere desire to be helpful?
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Dimensional weight rating could be a win-win-win for the materials handling industry
Modern Materials Handling (commentary)
Bob Trebilcock writes: "The materials handling industry doesn't often think about transportation and logistics. After all, what we do happens inside the four walls of the distribution center. However, the increase in e-commerce shipments, coupled with the new dimensional weight rating systems from UPS and FedEx, is changing the lives of our customers and forcing them to think differently about they fill, package and ship orders. Given the projections for growth of e-commerce sales in the coming years, it's only going to get worse."
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E-commerce is triggering rapid changes in warehouse values
The Wall Street Journal
Warehouses and distribution centers have a reputation for being plain vanilla buildings that don't change very often. But Green Street Advisors, a prominent real-estate research firm, says industrial and logistics properties are changing faster than ever. So fast that many landlords are at risk of losing much of the value of their portfolios to fast-advancing obsolescence.
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A warehouse manual on manual handling
By Ken Ackerman
For thousands of years, humans have handled cargo manually. Visitors who see ancient structures in places like Egypt and Peru are mystified by our ancestors' apparent ability to lift and move heavy materials with no mechanical aids. In our current era of robotics and other high-tech solutions, it is easy to overlook the necessity and the importance of manual handling. Let's consider the when and the why of manual handling.
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Change is the supply chain: A new way to plan
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress," said Charles Kettering, American inventor. Today, disruptive technologies are reshaping almost every industry and redefining not just what is possible, but what may soon become the new norm. Even more amazing is the rapid pace of change.

4 steps to great truckload and LTL rates
Logistics Management
Shippers keep telling me they are absolutely shocked by the rate increases their LTL carriers are proposing. Here’s an example. A dismayed shipper called me when one of the big LTL carriers "demanded" — his words — a 25 percent increase. When the shipper balked and complained, the carrier basically said: "Take it or leave it." So the shipper is now looking to replace a core carrier that handles a sizable amount of their freight.

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