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Neutralizing chemical warehousing pain points
By Julie Bernhard
Warehouses are a hot item right now. Inventory is shifting out of brick-and-mortar space and into vast warehouses, where retailers are conducting their ever-growing e-commerce operations. This kind of space might be hot, but for chemical manufacturers, third-party logistics (3PLs) and distributors — this space can actually be hard to come by.



  One-third of warehouses don't have a warehouse management system
Supply Chain Dive
Facilities have implemented digital technologies into their warehouses over the last 10 years, but progress has been slow. "Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate and implementation lags in warehousing," WERC wrote in its survey. "Today, in the warehouse of 2018 ... technologies have had only a marginal implementation for many of our respondents."


  Why next-day delivery margins are more about strategic warehousing than shipping costs
Supply Chain Digital
For a long time warehousing has been viewed as an execution function: get the product into a building and, when orders come in, ship them out. To maximize this function, many businesses now turn to on-demand warehouse providers that can store product in key locations around the country and, in turn, deliver product faster and less expensively.


  The rewards of getting returns and reverse logistics right
Supply Chain 24/7
Customer expectations are shifting fast, and there are different challenges inherent in managing reverse logistics and returns for B2B and B2C. The returns economy in e-commerce is a real opportunity to shine, but you need a solid foundation in place. With the right approach, you can tame your returns processes, keep costs under control, and provide the kind of excellent service that differentiates your business from the competition.


  The road to ruin: How US infrastructure is hurting logistics
By Delany Martinez
Infrastructure is one of the last few years' hottest talking points, politically speaking. You'd be hard-pressed to find a politician or a pundit that hasn't waxed philosophical about the deplorable state of the nation's roads and bridges, with the volume rising to a fever pitch during and directly after an infrastructure-related disaster.



  Managing an employee with a bad attitude? Just focus on what this person does.
Having a person with a bad attitude on the team is terrible for morale, bad for customer service, reduces productivity and slows down performance on the team. If you are in a leadership role, here's the deal. There is a big mistake being made because when it comes to coaching for performance — mark this down, and burn this into your leadership brain — you can't coach attitude.



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