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Marketing your warehouse magic
By Ken Ackerman
Some managers believe warehousing is a task that can be handled adequately by anyone with a strong back. Therefore, the business of warehousing service is in constant danger of becoming a commodity. Commodities normally are sold by price, with few vendors recognizing special features about the product they are selling.



IoT to triple the number of connected industrial control devices by 2020
Modern Materials Handling
According to ABI Research, the increasing adoption of IoT within industrial settings will result in a substantial growth of the number of connected industrial devices, in particular industrial control devices like PLCs. The research firm estimates that over the period from 2014 to 2020, the number of connected industrial controllers will triple; growing at an average rate of 20 percent.


  Automation making ecommerce order fulfillment more efficient
Multichannel Merchant
Merchants in 2015 are faced with major challenges in fulfilling orders from multiple channels, including web, mobile, in store and catalog and doing so in increasingly rapid fashion. As customer expectations of immediacy continue to rise, driven by Amazon and others, two-day shipping has become more of a standard expectation — often free — with even more rapid fulfillment options gaining momentum as well. Previous day delivery, anyone?


How shippers and logistics providers can keep the relationship fresh
Talking Logistics
The relationship between a shipper and a logistics provider often starts as a transactional process. The shipper has an immediate need, which leads to a Request for Proposal or Request for Quote process then ultimately selects a third-party logistics supplier to execute on that need. It's a routine industry practice that can yield immediate and significant results. Unfortunately, the focus on executing the terms of the contract can lead to a danger that the relationship never quite advances to a more strategic level.



Maximize your warehouse
Supply House Times
Giants seldom make warehouse mistakes, so warehouse mistakes made by traditional PHCP, PVF and HVAC distributors can result in losing sales to the giants; maybe even losing customers. Here are some measures traditional distributors can take to ensure their warehouses are not hurting customer service.



  Lansdale Warehouse is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The Lansdale Warehouse Company provides premier warehouse and distribution services in a safe and secure environment for customers' goods at a reasonable cost. Our "quality management" atmosphere engenders an entrepreneurial attitude that ultimately translates into "100% customer satisfaction through a 'zero defectives' process." Continuous improvement attitudes ensure dependable customer service. Employee participation, honest communication and a clearly defined understanding of our customers' needs support our successful process.

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