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Succession planning in the warehouse
By Ken Ackerman
Succession planning is the development of a formal program to provide timely replacement for every key manager. It includes a system for developing potential successors within the existing organization, or for hiring new people as needed. The plan also is designed for protecting corporate and personal assets during the transition caused by succession.



  Can the alliance proposition work in managing warehouses?
By Ken Ackerman
One of the greatest misunderstandings in business is the illusion that employment is permanent. Few companies can offer guaranteed employment with a straight face. Even those who do offer have no credibility with employees who probably know better.


Modern warehousing must keep up with ecommerce
Digital Supply Chain
Ecommerce is no longer considered a fad, and the online race for capturing the biggest share of the customer's wallet has left many a traditional retailer trailing behind. What's left them behind is not the technology that makes online shopping possible, but the offline movement of ordered goods that are still largely managed by processes that were put in place when physical stores were the only option available to customers.


  Strong warehouse demand leads push for industrial real estate
Material Handling and Logistics
U.S. industrial markets absorbed a record-setting 70.1 million square feet of space in the second quarter of 2016, up 6 percent from the same period a year ago. Strikingly, 38 U.S. markets saw over 1 msf of absorption during the second quarter with 11 markets witnessing over 2 msf of quarterly net occupancy growth.



  Lift Truck Tips: Thin margins drive narrow aisles
Modern Materials Handling
Within the past decade, the exponential increase in order complexity and the need for storage density have driven adoption of narrow aisle storage systems and the equipment that supports them. Advances in related technologies have been so significant that "narrow aisle" doesn't quite mean the same thing as it did 5 or 20 years ago, according to Lou Micheletto, manager of integrated solutions for Hyster.



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