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Cryptologistics: Where supply chain meets blockchain
MultiBriefs Exclusive
One of the most universal issues facing logistics is the ability — or lack thereof — to process data in a fast, useful way. Like an unorganized warehouse packed with product and short on shelves, logistics professionals are often forced to put aside efforts to streamline in favor of staying on top of periodic targets.



  Why Amazon's supply chain ambitions should have logistics companies worried
The numbers are revealing — Amazon's air fleet accounts for 32 Boeing 767-300s, with the fleet set to grow bigger once the Amazon airport at Kentucky is finished. The planned Kentucky airport is spread over 210 acres and is expected to cater around 200 flights daily. Amazon's warehousing, commonly called fulfillment centers, accounted for 14.2 percent of its net sales in 2017, a number that keeps growing every year.


  Many warehouses don't have WMS
Global Trade Magazine
One-third of facilities have not implemented a warehouse management systems, according to a survey of 549 industry professionals from the Warehousing Education and Research Council. Voice-directed picking has mentioned as the greatest implementation growth among new technologies.


  Energy efficiency is key to better logistics
For a long time now, corporations and their supply chains have been required to prove that they are acting in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Most every company issues a corporate social responsibility report detailing what they have done over the year to comply with the expectations of all of their stakeholders. Those expectations, however, have become heightened as of late due to a variety of factors.


  Help wanted: The giant risk supply chain managers are ignoring
Supply Chain DIVE
Supply chain risk has certainly evolved during the past few years. While a blizzard, a strike or even more crumbling infrastructure may still impact shipments, newer risks such as piracy, geopolitical turmoil, immigration restrictions, trade wars and data breaches have taken over the risk headlines. But there is one giant risk out there that is not being addressed with the significance it deserves, and it can be described in just two words: help wanted.



  6 tips for creating your business' disaster plan
Business News Daily
Disasters happen. While they can't always be avoided, they can be prepared for. So can other disasters, such as data loss or fire. In the case of any disaster, it's important, as a business, to have a disaster recovery plan and/or business continuity plan in place for whatever is lost, whether it is data or physical property.



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