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Serving up logistics: How QSRs and supply chains are working together
MultiBriefs Exclusive
Call it a hunger for fast, convenient food: the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry in the U.S. is projected to surpass $223 billion in the next two years. Part of that success is driven — in most cases, quite literally — by robust logistical networks that tie far-flung franchises to their distributors through ever-evolving methods.



  Big-box last-mile delivery is blowing up — How can 3PLs be poised to act?
Global Trade
E-commerce retail disruption seems to come in waves. In the last decade, we've seen the transformation of the retail industry for books, electronics, apparel, music, tickets and travel. E-commerce disrupts more than just retail, though. It's a logistics story, too. Savvy third-party logistics providers are eyeing the horizon, poised to catch the next wave. It's one with enormous implications for 3PLs: furniture, appliances and equipment.


  Move over delivery drones, warehouse drones are ready for the spotlight
Supply Chain DIVE
Unlike their highly publicized home delivery cousins, drones designed for warehouse uses have been flying under the radar. However, a high-profile board appointment to an indoor drone pioneer could mean aerial inventory robots are ready to come out of the shadows.


  MIT offers fresh perspective on state of 3PL sector
Logistics Management
When the 3PL Value Creation North America Summit 2018 convenes in Chicago this October, shippers will hear from a diverse group of industry experts on how to drive the best deals with their lead providers in both the global and domestic arenas. The summit will help shippers gain fresh insights on 3PL trends and forecasts. At the same time, shippers will be seeking advice on how to establish and sustain relationships of trust and mutual benefit.


  Reaching millennials: The need for true transparency in the supply chain
New York Law Journal
Transparent supply chains are important to millennials, who are concerned about social and environmental outcomes and shun unethical activity. Studies have shown they will pay more money for sustainable products. As a result, there have been increased demands for environmental, social and governance products. There also have been increased commercial and legislative efforts to promote supply chain transparency. However, many of these laws are flawed.



  5 supply chain habits that will destroy your business
Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning
Certain habits and entrenched behaviors may be impeding your company's ability to be strategic and reach goals — and may result lead to lost sales and dampened morale. One such habit is hiding available inventory or capacity. Supply chain transparency is critical to supply management organizations — and lack of inventory and capacity visibility can create internal chaos, which can result in reduced customer service.



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