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Despite high interest in robots, adoption remains low
Supply Chain Dive
Are robots the future for supply chain? Although interest in commercial service robots is "exceptionally high," just more than 16 percent of 600 participants — across eight industries — recently surveyed by IDC say they have deployed the technology either enterprise-wide or at the local level.



  On-demand warehousing ready to be a game changer
Supply Chain Management Review
From Melbourne to Mumbai to Manhattan, it seems the entire supply chain is taking a crack at something new — on-demand warehousing. Actually, the concept is not as new as the name. After all, who doesn’t know that fairly successful e-commerce company that has been practicing on-demand warehousing for some time. You know it as Fulfillment by Amazon.


  9 ways to transform warehouses
Material Handling & Logistics
Multilingual voice controls, the Internet of Things and emerging technologies are adding new efficiencies to the modern warehouse in a climate of rising costs, according to a new report. Even as operators introduce more warehouse technology, many are also adding employee quality-of-life enhancements to counteract labor shortages.


  Warehouses are pinching workers from other hiring pools, but it's still not enough
Supply Chain Dive
Transportation and warehousing may be stealing the most workers from other fields, but it is still not enough to feed the insatiable e-commerce beast. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures show that the transportation and logistics workforce has gained an average of 180,300 workers every year since 2013. But with more than 450,000 jobs to fill in the next year or so, a serious deficit is coming.


  Optimizing value with a win-win supply chain
Modern Materials Handling
Today's supply chain practitioners are under constant pressure to bring value to their organizations. Two of the biggest supply chain challenges are exponential growth in complexity of the supply chain and cost savings fatigue driven by a relentless and unsustainable pursuit of achieving bottom-line growth by constantly cutting costs.



  The positive spiral of operationalizing curiosity
MultiBriefs Exclusive
Why can't we? This is a natural first question along the path of becoming a curious company. Once we start asking, we inevitably start answering. When those efforts are positively reinforced by beneficial results, we start incorporating inquiry into our approach. Then, when we get comfortable enough asking questions as part of the routine, we begin to realize we can ask better questions in a better way.



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