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How to choose a mezzanine system for your warehouse
By Piyush Bakshi
Mezzanines allow warehouses and distribution centers to increase usable area without leasing additional space or moving operations to larger warehousing facilities. Your business saves on rent, moving costs and also possible property taxes. Businesses are increasingly turning to mezzanines for utilizing unused vertical space. Multilevel mezzanines can more than double the existing floor space. This can be used for storage, work space, locker rooms, records rooms and offices.
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  The critical importance of warehouse floors
By Ken Ackerman
The single most important element of warehouse construction is the quality of the floor. As stacking heights have increased, floor quality has become even more critical. Imperfections in floors are magnified when product is stored up to 30 feet high. Unfortunately, no part of the construction process is easier to get wrong and harder to fix than the floor.
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Optimizing 3PL relationships: How to avoid commoditization
Logistics Management
A recurring theme seems to be surfacing in the complex world of global third party logistics providers these days. The sector is booming, but shippers are still 'shopping around' for a better price or more complete service. Explaining this friction that exists between 3PLs and the customers they serve in key manufacturing and retail sectors was a daunting challenge for researchers at advisory firm SCM World, but a recent study may finally provide some answer.
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In era of reshoring, just what qualifies to be labeled "Made in America?"
Supply Chain Digest
Just how real the reshoring trend is remains unclear, but certainly there is much anecdotal evidence of some companies moving production back to the U.S. or keeping it here instead of moving offshore. Walmart has committed to moving tens of billions of dollars in product sourcing to U.S.-made goods. Many surveys show U.S. consumer prefer from goods labeled "Made in America." But just what items can be given that designation?
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When is a pallet
not a pallet?

Supply Chain Management Review
Perhaps when it is part of a broader supply chain play. Pallets could be the ultimate supply chain commodity. Many users buy strictly on price, and will change suppliers to save a nickel — or about $25 a load. Used pallets regularly replace new, and second rate used pallets are often a substitute for first rate used. Margins are low, customer demands are high.

Exporting: Your top 10 questions answered
The Guardian News
Successful exporting begins with strong research. The decision to sell overseas is a big step, but one which can pay off enormously. Many entrepreneurs have doubts about exporting and seek answers to their questions before embarking on their mission abroad. Here successful exporters help to answer the 10 big questions all businesses must consider.

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