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Self-directed work teams in the warehouse
By Ken Ackerman
Groups of people working together in a warehouse have typically been called a crew, a shift or a workforce. More recently, we have called them teams. What is the difference between a team and an ordinary warehouse crew?

Perhaps the most important difference between self-directed teams and crews is that the best examples of such teams have been found in creative environments like the design of a new airplane or a new car. However, some occupations may not lend themselves to the team concept, and one example is a long-haul truck driver.
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  5 ways to improve safety in industrial plants and facilities
Logistics Management
OSHA guidelines only go so far, but a number of safety solutions can address bad habits while fostering good ones. The bad news is that every year thousands of people working in industrial plants and facilities are injured on the job. Here are five things industrial plant operators could do today to create a safer work environment:
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Distribution warehouses under pressure for temporary staffing
Industry Leaders Magazine
The warehousing sector of the supply chain industry is under pressure recently after a series of investigative reporting has uncovered the tenuous situation of thousands of temporary employees. These employees, hired by staffing firms that are several times removed from the big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart — even though these employees unload and move the products sold in these stores. This is a just a small snapshot of what is going on at these distribution warehouses and in these temporary warehouse jobs.
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  Retailers shoring up supply chains to avoid last year's holiday mess
By Piyush Bakshi
As the holiday season approaches, retailers are working diligently to get right the crucial elements of logistics and supply chain so that customer expectations of timely delivery and customer service are met. Why so much extra effort? They are hoping to avoid the logistical nightmare that unfolded last December at UPS and FedEx and affected millions of shoppers and online sellers. To avoid a repeat, courier services are employing temporary staff to handle the extra workload.
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Designing tomorrow's distribution centers today
By Ken Ackerman
At a time when the warehousing industry is relatively prosperous, it is natural for operators to be working on acquisition of new facilities and/or expansion of old ones. Your expansion could either be a construction project or the adaptation of an existing building to meet both today's and tomorrow's needs.

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10 ideas for a more efficient warehouse operation
Shelf Plus
Companies often think their picking operation is efficient as long as products roll out on time and customers are happy. But most picking operations in warehouses across America could use a reorganization, and it's all about the process — training, people and systems! The following are 10 tips to improve your warehouse operation.

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