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  Driver shortage: What warehouse managers should do
By Ken Ackerman
For more than two years now, we have seen a growing discussion about the driver shortage problem, but relatively little about solutions. Most of the issues are motor carrier issues, and unless your company is involved in both trucking and warehousing, there is little you can do about these.


  Marketing your warehouse magic
By Ken Ackerman
Some managers believe warehousing is a task that can be handled adequately by anyone with a strong back. Therefore, the business of warehousing service is in constant danger of becoming a commodity. Commodities normally are sold by price, with few vendors recognizing special features about the product they are selling.


  Finding metrics that mean something in the warehouse
By Ken Ackerman
"You cannot manage what you cannot measure," as the old saying goes. Yet the majority of warehouses we inspect have either no metrics at all or have measurements no one really uses. The second situation is even worse than the first, because it signifies a failed attempt by management to create a meaningful measurement system. Here are five tips for effective metrics management.


  Building and keeping a great warehouse team
By Ken Ackerman
Nearly every appraiser of warehousing quality agrees that the most critical element in a successful operation is the people. While quality in management and supervision is critical, the quality of every hourly worker is important. When I was CEO of a multicity warehousing organization, I constantly reminded our key people that our company could never be better than its worst manager.


  4 steps to great truckload and LTL rates
Logistics Management
Mike Regan writes: "Shippers keep telling me they are absolutely shocked by the rate increases their LTL carriers are proposing. Here's an example from just last week. A dismayed shipper called me when one of the big LTL carriers 'demanded' — his words — a 25 percent increase."


  Finding and keeping the right talent in the logistics industry
By Ken Ackerman
In most metropolitan areas of the U.S. today, the unemployment rate is lower than it has been for many years. The result is that finding good people is a real problem. Logistics employers have some problems peculiar to the industry.



  5 tips for an awesome ecommerce holiday season in the warehouse
Speed Commerce
You still have time to get procedures in place and be prepared for your holiday peak. Here, we’ll talk about 5 tips for readying your warehouse operations for the most wonderful time of the year.



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