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Managing millennials: Under 35 and changing the warehouse
By Julie Bernhard
Easily identified by their smartphone obsessions, tech savvy and attention deficit disorders, millennials are bombarding the recruiting offices — occupying all surrounding office and warehouse space. In fact, last year, the Census Bureau stated that a quarter of the U.S. population is now made up of 83.1 million millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000. During a session of WERC 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center, conference attendees discussed how this specific generation is impacting the warehouse and logistics industry.



  For warehouse workers, technology starts to look more like home
The Wall Street Journal
When Bert Hooper brings on new workers at TechStyle Fashion Group's 450,000 square-foot warehouse, he tells them, "If you know how to use a smartphone and you know how to use an app, you can do about any operation that we have in our facility." As the head of global fulfillment at the online retailer, Hooper designed TechStyle's five e-commerce warehouses to run on Apple Inc.'s operating system with a user-friendly application that he says cuts training time in half for new hires.


  Checking the check: Why billing mistakes slow down supply chains
By Delany Martinez
In logistics, a great deal of discussion surrounds methodology — speed is crucial to the supply chain in terms of fulfillment. Money, however, tends to shift to the backburner — quotes, line items and invoices. Payments, however, are arguably the most important goods carried along the supply chain, and they are a product that must be handled with care. So why should you focus on improving your response tactics for shipping payments?


  The industrial warehouse space market is nowhere near its peak
Supply Chain DIVE
CBRE's Global Head of Industrial and Logistics Research, David Egan, said the industrial real estate market is unlikely to downturn unless consumer spending behavior becomes more conservative — and because the economy is so strong, that's unlikely to happen anytime soon. The data points to confident consumer spending, and as long as that data remains positive, the industrial real estate market will continue to grow.


  Upping the game in trucking with track and trace
Logistics Management
With demand for supply chain visibility at an all-time high, a growing number of shippers are powering up their track and trace capabilities in order to meet the needs of their upstream and downstream stakeholders.



  What to do when your employees aren't hitting their goals
You've invested in a great hire, and perhaps they've been with you for a few years. You appreciate the loyalty and their enthusiasm for their role, and they've expressed they want to grow into a new role or take on new responsibilities. Why not? You love go-getters. But then, the truth reveals itself. No matter how much guidance, resources or one-on-one reviews you provide, they somehow just aren't very good at the job.



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