Oct. 21, 2014

Inspecting your elevator belt
Maxi-Lift, Inc.
Preventative maintenance of your elevator belt is extremely important. Once an elevator belt and complete system is put into full operation a maintenance program should begin immediately. This program should include regular inspections of all components including the belt.

This belt inspection sheet shows common problems that could occur with your elevator belt and what might be causing it. Maxi-Lift has a trained team that can assist you at any time with any concerns you might have, just call us at 800-527-0657 or email us at info@maxilift.com.More

Fortunes have shifted in Northwest agriculture
News Journal
Fortunes have shifted in Northwest agricultural markets. Nursery producers are wrapping up sales that will make 2014 one of the industry’s most profitable years since the downturn began in 2008. Beef and cattle prices continue to post new highs, while Northwest dairies benefit from near-record milk prices. Strong prices in the protein sector are met with lower feed costs, resulting in exceptional profitability for many producers.More

American farmers to FAA: Hey, we want drones!
NBC News
The Federal Aviation Administration next month is expected to issue preliminary guidelines on the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems — better known as drones. For the most part, drones are currently banned in the U.S., while other countries have a more open-use policy. And it could take months, even years before the FAA finalizes its rules. More

Grain supply to clash with rail demand this fall
The basic business principles of supply and demand are going to be facing South Dakota farmers and grain elevators this fall. A record crop outlook and a shortage of railcars are set to collide in the next few months. Some blame increased production along the North Dakota oil fields for the railroad congestion. Another theory is train traffic is backlogged because of last year's harsh winter. Others claim the problem can be traced back to a reduction in train traffic during the recession. More

Take steps now to prevent grain safety accidents
Purdue Extension
A few simple precautions and a little bit of common sense can go a long way toward helping prevent farm-related accidents and injuries, especially at harvest time, two Purdue University agricultural educators say.More