First look: Ruger Precision Rifle
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To all those who have long sought a rifle that can hit steel beyond 1,000 yards without breaking the bank: the answer is finally here. Ruger has just introduced the Ruger Precision Rifle, with a bolt action, customizable features, in-line recoil path, and cartridge options in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .243 Winchester.

Concealed carry myths: You don't need a holster

Concealed carry myths: You don't need a holster
Outdoor Hub

"I just carry in my belt, and my gun stays there just fine." "I carry my J-Frame revolver in my pocket, no problem!" I hear those statements all the time, but I know of at least seven people who would disagree with the wisdom of not using a holster. We'll get to them in a minute. First, there are some very good reasons why a carry gun should always...

Best states for gun owners 2015
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Our founders' experiment in self-government gave us the gift of Federalism, where states unite under a centralized governing authority while honoring a state's rights. Though the power of the federal government has increased, the United States still maintains great contrast on the subject of gun ownership. Gun rights vary from states that have all but made it impossible to own firearms and related accessories to states where few restrictions exist.


The benefits of memberships and recurring payments for your store
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As a small business owner, there are two types of customers that you need to concern yourself with: the first time customer and everyone else. While figuring out new and innovative ways to attract new customers is always important, it's the people who are willing to keep coming back for more that you need to focus...

Serving the self-defense minded consumer
Quick Fire Cases

One of the single best opportunities that gun shops have to attract new customers and generate repeat business has to do with those individuals who are interested in buying a firearm for the purposes of self-defense. Gun enthusiasts in general are a market that will essentially always exist. These are people who enjoy guns from a collectors standpoint and, as a result, will always be searching for more information about the latest models and accessories. They're not necessarily a market that you...

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