Firearm dealers profit from quality customer service
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Customer Service is not a new concept. The problem is that as businesses grow larger or decide to franchise, it becomes easy to overlook the need for quality customer service. Firearm sales benefit from the long-term relationships built through a focus on the needs of a client.

True customer service focuses on addressing the needs of a client. What are the best firearms to take down a big buck? What are the pros and cons of various types of guns and are there any special handling instructions required? Firearm selling points need to be delivered from informed helpful sales associates that can provide valuable advice from industry knowledge and personal experience. It’s not just about the sale but of becoming a valuable resource to customers.

People talk. Word of mouth referrals are an important resource for businesses. When a client is happy with their purchase and values the people at a business, referrals follow. Good business practices generate future leads.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Your shop is your calling card. Keep it clean, organized and well-stocked. When clients can easily locate the guns that meet their needs, they are more likely to inquire and purchase. They are coming to a store for a reason. Provide them with easy and helpful solutions.

Invest in staff. Provide opportunities for staff to update their knowledge base. Hire staff that are passionate and experienced with the items being sold. Personal stories and enthusiasm go far in attracting buyers. Value staff by offering a competitive wage and providing incentives to motivate. Incentives can be based not only on a specified number of sales but also on the amount of people they engage with or the number and quality of feedback cards received from customers delighted with a staff member. Recognize them as one of the biggest assets that you have.

Create a welcoming atmosphere. The vibe should encourage people to walk on in, explore and engage. Friendly staff that work well together, lighting, a good stock of product and different areas to investigate will help customers linger and come again. Keep some new cool accessories by checkout. Once wallets are open, people are more willing to purchase related items.

Many gun owners are hobbyists and they thirst for more. More in terms of knowledge, accessories, shooting opportunities, and networking with fellow enthusiasts. Have a designated space to host trainings on new guns, education on special permit restrictions in a local area, guest speakers and fellow gun owners. Invite gun owning networking groups to meet up at the store. Provide or assist in developing organized outings. You sell more than guns but a lifestyle that promotes responsible gun ownership and the pleasure of the experience.

Everyone needs to begin somewhere. Novice gun owners need to be walked through the steps and details about their new purchase. Be the go-to guy or girl that can answer their questions and direct them and you’ll be a friend for life. Keep informational packets, books and videos on hand to help the first-time gun owner. Provide free information that customers can rely upon. Offer a monthly workshop about gun-ownership basics. Create a community of enthusiasts in the store and beyond.

Websites and social media platforms are an excellent way to stay connected and remarket to customers. Learn their interests and blog answers to their questions. Keep them informed as to current trends in the industry. Provide exclusive deals and promotions to your VIP groups. Once a customer, keep them for life.

People desire connection with others. Leverage the opportunity to be the resource providing the type of customer service that engages, informs and delights.

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