Selling Everything Else: Offer Your Customers the Lifestyle, Not Just the Firearm
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As a rifle and ammunitions retailer, you have the potential to rake in tens of thousands in revenue. However, many owners often forget about the vast opportunities afforded through accessories. Depending on your area, you may be able to bring in significantly more revenue through accessories sales, especially in areas where firearm laws remain stringent. When you enter the firearm retail industry, you need to diversify your products to attract as many customers, even those who do not purchase a firearm, as possible. Consider how accessories could improve your profit margins in the following ways.

Free Advertising

No matter how you view wearable accessories, such as caps, t-shirts, vests, patches, or bags, the power of word-of-mouth advertising cannot be understated. Wearable accessories are one of the most effective forms of advertising available. Each person who wears one of your shirts, or other accessories, is sending body language advertising the firearm lifestyle. Furthermore, you can actually reduce your marketing costs by offering wearable accessories to your customers. Of course, your accessories should not be setup as an exclusive advertisement. For example, you might add a sown-in tag to the sleeves of manufactured firearm shirts to promote your business.

Connection With Other Firearm Enthusiasts

Many of your customers want to meet other people with like interests, especially in today’s world. Accessories allow your customers to connect with other people outside of your physical retail space. This results in additional word-of-mouth advertising and a sense of belonging for your customers. Too often, your customers purchase firearms for protection, but learning more about their hobby, or a budding interest, is more likely to encourage additional purchases. Ultimately, this will help grow your business without relying solely on firearms and ammunition sales.

Practice Makes Perfect

If your business does not partner with a shooting range in the area, you are losing money. Selling firearms is a rewarding business, but many of your customers may be novice shooters. Furthermore, you can combine your accessories with a local shooting range to bring in even higher profits. For example, you might sell t-shirts promoting a local shooting range at your shirt, and the shooting range may refer guests to your store. This is commonly referred to as business-to-business, or B2B, marketing. Giving your customers the opportunity to practice their skills will encourage them to return to your store for books, accessories, and more information about the lifestyle.

Ensuring Safety of Your Customers

The safety laws of firearms vary by location, and you need to ensure your customers take safety measures as a firearms enthusiast. Additionally, some firearm items, such as firearm cases, may become damaged, dull, or shatter over time, and your previous customers will return to purchase a new item.

Although you will have customers purchase multiple firearms, focus on continuing the business-customer relationship with those that only purchase one firearm. You started your firearms business for your love of the lifestyle, and you need to sale that lifestyle to your customers. Your business should be your customers’ resource for all of their firearms needs.

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