North Mill Implements Procedural Enhancements in 2020

Many businesses are facing monumental challenges as the global COVID-19 pandemic ensues. As we plow our way through the storm, it is more important than ever to highlight positive things underway. Despite the hurdles, North Mill recently implemented a series of modifications to our business processes that you and your customers will find beneficial. Here's a recap of what's been introduced in just the last few weeks.


6 Ways To Rebuild Your Small Business After COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has wreaked financial havoc around the globe, leaving many small-business owners struggling in its wake. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, as of March 30—still early in the crisis—92% of small businesses said they had suffered negative effects as a result of the pandemic. Just 5% of small-business owners said they had experienced no effects at all.

Tips from a Few Experts on Transitioning Your Business to Online
FOX 17

With in-person shopping at most businesses minimized or stopped altogether right now, more and more businesses are transitioning to doing everything online.

10 Expert Tips to Give Your Business a Well Rounded Online Presence
Small Business Trends

Your small business's online presence includes so many different elements: a website, social media profiles, and even video. Every company's presence may look a bit different. But developing that presence takes time and careful planning. If you're trying to create a successful online presence for your small business, read these tips from members of the online small business community.


North Mill Employees Filling Their Days with Hard Work -- And Goodwill
North Mill

From catering dinner to donating plasma, the staff at North Mill has been busy reaching out and touching someone. Be it family, friend, neighbor or stranger, the company's employees are stepping up like millions of other gracious Americans and helping those in need during this most trying time in our country's history.

North Mill

North Mill will hold two live web broadcasts this week to keep referral agents abreast of the latest updates at the company. The primary objective is to underscore to brokers that North Mill has continued to fund deals since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and that the company has plans to continue to do so as the country makes its way through the storm.

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