OSI Observer
Jul. 05, 2018

The Yellow School Bus Needs a Green Makeover
The school buses that haul the nation’s kids to and from school closely resemble the same diesel-chugging beasts you remember from the 1990s, ‘80s, or ‘70s. According to estimates from the Diesel Technology Forum, a nonprofit advocacy group, 95 percent of school buses in the U.S. burn diesel fuel. If each ride takes an average of 30 minutes, that’s 180 hours spent on buses a year, which translates into a collective 3 billion hours, nationwide, spent breathing in varying levels of diesel exhaust.More

School Bus Stop Arm Camera Law Advances
Times Union
Motorists who ignore those “Stop” signs on school buses that are picking up or dropping off children may get some unexpected traffic tickets if a bill allowing cameras is passed in the Legislature.More

Here's Why School Buses Are Always Yellow
Reader's Digest
Yellow, or “National School Bus Glossy Yellow,” as it is officially called by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was chosen for its high visibility and the way it emphasized the bold, black writing that would be on the side of each bus to denote its respective school district, important factors for vehicles that travel during early morning and late afternoon hours.More

Concerns Rise Over Ohio School Bus Lap/Shoulder Belt Bill
School Transportation News
Student transporters weigh in on a proposed June 1, 2019 deadline for mandatory three-point seat belts on school buses, as Rep. John Barnes, Jr. sponsors a bill in the Ohio state House of Representatives.More

Unicoi County School System Creates "Book Bus" To Inspire Summer Learning
The Erwin Record
Children in the Unicoi County School System now have more opportunities to continue learning over the summer months thanks to the book bus, a mobile literacy unit that will give children the opportunity to socialize, hear stories, check out books and enjoy a lunch.More

A Bus From the Future: Timeship #39 Tour Is Here
By transforming a school bus into a museum-on-wheels, Delta Collaborative presents the time-traveling pop-up museum: TIMESHIP #39. The TIMESHIP tells the story of our environmental crisis, the future that is being created, and how we might be able to change it.More

Pass Man Turns Old School Bus Into a New Home
Twenty-three-year-old Colton O'Neal is on his way to becoming a new homeowner. He saved $2,000 to pay for the old yellow school bus that he'll soon call home. Once he's finished remodeling it in the next few months, he'll be able make it official.More

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